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Tips To Buying Fitted Furniture In The UK

Buying fitted furniture is slightly different from other types of furniture in that it has to be seen as a long term investment; it’s not something you can dispose of in the near future and replace with another. Instead, fitted furniture is often fixated on walls and floors. In most cases, bedroom fitted furniture like wardrobes are much sought after for their uniqueness, stylishness, and ability to help utilize space. If you’re looking to furnish your bedroom and inject a new feel of glamour and stylishness, then fitted wardrobes will be highly recommendable. They can be fitted from wall to wall, floor to ceiling; this means maximum utilization of every inch of space. Sliding doors are added not just for their aesthetics, but also because they don’t take up much space in comparison to hinged ones.  Fitted furniture is very ideal for awkward corners and irregular spaces where ordinary furniture wouldn’t fit. Here at Metro wardrobes, we manufacture original, high quality fitted furniture for all your needs. If you’re looking to buy the best fitted furniture in the UK without digging so deep into your pocket, Metro Wardrobes is your best bet. Our London factory also doubles up as our showroom; we can customize the furniture to your every wish and preference. We understand that the UK market is saturated with many furniture dealers, everyone claiming to offer the best fitted furniture pieces. How do you ensure that you buy original furniture, without being ripped off?

  1. A quick online research; a quick search online will show you the leading furniture dealers around your area. Don’t be excited by catchy websites with photos shopped from the internet. It’s important that the dealer has a physical address where you can visit and view the furniture pieces marketed on the site. Here at Metro, our London factory also doubles up as our showroom, you can view firsthand all the items that we have on offer. We also take orders and design any fitted furniture pieces that you request us to. Any fitted furniture dealer pushing you to send payments online as a deposit yet you haven’t even met them; such often turn out being cons.  A good furniture dealer should be ever willing to meet you and show items they’re selling.
  2. Workmanship; the workmanship and expertise of the furniture dealer matters a lot and this is another thing you must watch out for. Again, how will you ascertain the quality of products being sold if you don’t visit the dealer’s showroom? Metro Wardrobes has been designing and manufacturing furniture pieces for many years, we’ve also partnered with some of the leading brands in the market to ensure that you can find your favorite designer brand under our roof. This includes brands like Hettich, EGGER, XyloCleaf, Hafele, and many more. You can rest assured that the quality of our furniture products is second to none. Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes
  3. Room Shape; having identified a likely furniture dealer, take a moment to go over the space where you want the furniture fitted. If possible, take measurements or a photo of the space, whether it is crammed, irregularly spaced, with a low ceiling; just be sure to get those details. This is what your dealer will rely on when recommending the right fitted furniture for the space. Metro Wardrobes has a different policy whereby we offer what’s known as a free-no obligation design visit. Meaning that we can dispatch our designers to come over to your home for a free consultation meeting; show them around your space and where you want the furniture fitted. They’ll recommend the best wardrobes to fit in, the best finish to complement the overall interior décor, you’re shown a wide range of colors you can pick from in painting the room, and so on. We don’t charge for these designer visits, it’s just part of our efforts to get firsthand understanding of our customer’s perspective and preferences and to share our expertise with them.
  4. Pick your design; there are tens of different styles to pick from when you’re buying fitted furniture. But usually, this will be determined by the overall style and design of the rest of the house. If the house has embraced a contemporary design from the living room furniture to that found in the bathroom and everywhere else, it’s only fair that the fitted wardrobes follow suit. We’re able to design the perfect finish for all your products, including traditional, oriental, contemporary, modern, and classic designs. Metro Wardrobes are experts in all types of fitting, finishing, and accessorizing.

Usually, it takes between 2 to 14 days for us to manufacture your order, depending on the complexity of the task. All work is done in our London factory and upon completion; our technicians will come and fit the pieces to your space. Metro offers you a 10 year guarantee that within that time our products will still be in top condition.  For more details, just give us a call on 020 488 3347 or drop us an email on and we’ll get back to you promptly. We’re the real pros of London for all your fitted furniture needs.


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