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Fitted Wardrobes and Bedroom Furnitures London

Bespoke Fitted Bedroom Furniture in London.

Fitted Bedrooms

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Perhaps the most personal of spaces, the bedroom is a place where you let your guard down and seek comfort for body and soul. It’s for this reason alone that your bedroom deserves the finest fitted furniture.

Metro Wardrobes’ bespoke bedroom furniture range offers diverse furniture designs in contemporary, classic and traditional styles. We manufacture solutions for every aspect of your bedroom while you can further tailor them to suit your individual style.

Our designers help you select the right layout and customisation options for bedroom units that consist of sliding door wardrobes, hinged door wardrobes, built in wardrobes, storage bed frames, head boards, bedside tables, shelving units, chest drawers, bridging units, full-fledged dressers, and mirrors.   Read more

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Fitted Wardrobes

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A fitted wardrobe is a textbook solution if you are looking for storage that does not compromise on style or space.

Metro’s bespoke wardrobes collection is created entirely out of boards from Egger and other high quality premium woods and veneers. This ensures your wardrobe stays fresh like a daisy for years together.

Offering styles like classic, ultra-modern/new age, and traditional, our range of fitted wardrobes are made to measure and follow the outlines of your bedroom. Choose from an eclectic range of finishes, styles, and accessories to give your wardrobe a personal touch.

We use accessories and fittings from only the best brands while creating your fitted wardrobes. Put that together with our quality and precision manufacturing processes and you know why we are comfortable offering a 10 guarantee on our products.


Hinged Door Wardrobes

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In a market increasingly dominated by sliding door wardrobes, hinged door wardrobes continue to do find favour with buyers. A hinged door wardrobe offers positives like ease of use, practicality, cost effectiveness and easy maintenance that far outweigh negatives like less efficient use of space and a sub-par appearance. They are also cheaper to upgrade or replace.

Metro offers you an extensive choice of hinged door wardrobes. In terms of appearance, our hinged door wardrobes are as good as their sliding door variants thanks to the wide range of styles, colours, finishes, and textures we provide. Moreover, we use the best quality fittings and hinges which extend the operating life of these wardrobes to several years.

Essentially a simple and traditional product, the hinged door wardrobe has seen concerted work over the years from our innovative designers to add new styles, features and layouts. Browse through their results and pick a beautiful, functional, and long lasting hinged door wardrobe for your home today.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

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Sliding door wardrobes are the default choice for countless buyers, and with good reason. These wardrobes are suited to almost every type of room and home. In fact, they are the most sensible option if your bedroom is small, has awkward corners and ceiling slopes, or suffers from a narrow entryway. Each of these situations calls for efficient and maximum use of available space and there is no beating sliding door wardrobes here.

These wardrobes create storage space where there is none. They are designed and built to compensate for the imperfections of a room. Even in an ideally proportioned room, sliding door wardrobes offer considerably more storage space per square inch of floor space occupied when compared to conventional freestanding wardrobes.

Metro’s range of sliding door wardrobes includes gorgeous layouts in hundreds of colour, style, finish and texture choices. You can further customise your wardrobe by adding more sections, drawers, shelves, racks, hanging rails, storage boxes, hooks, mirrors, and LED lights for exterior and interior sections.

Our installation team puts your sliding door wardrobe together impeccably, which ensures your wardrobe retains its glory for several years.

Walk In Wardrobes

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A walk in wardrobe is an ideal solution if you need storage that is not only spacious and customisable but also luxurious and premium. With walk in wardrobes, you can have designated storage for each item of clothing and accessory you own. These wardrobes also score higher than their sliding door and hinged door counterparts as far as ease of access is concerned. After all, to reach a particular shelf, drawer, or rack, all you need to do is walk in and head right towards it. It can’t get simpler than that.

At Metro, we offer an assortment of walk in wardrobes that strike a fine balance between price, luxury and storage space. Our free designer visit is devoted to understanding your storage needs and the shape and size of your bedroom. The designer helps you sift through different layouts and introduces you to the various ways of accessorising and customising the wardrobe using shelves, drawers, mirrors, hanging hooks and rails, special compartments, and removable storage racks.

Once your design is brought to life, our skilled installers take over and install your brand new walk in wardrobe with the precision of a hawk.

Curved Door Wardrobes

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Essentially a hinged door wardrobe, a curved door wardrobe design is coveted for its breath-taking appearance and suitability to bedrooms of all shapes and sizes. A lot of buyers see curved door wardrobes as a good balance between the cost effectiveness of hinged door wardrobes and the prettiness of sliding door wardrobes.

The interiors of a curved door wardrobe are similar to those of a hinged door wardrobe. This means you can customise the wardrobe interior at different points like shelves, lockers, storage boxes, mirrors, sliding trays, racks, hanging rails, hooks, and LED lights for adequate illumination.

Metro offers you an attractive range of curved door wardrobes to choose from. We employ the best cutting machines from Germany to create curved panels that are precise down to the last millimetre. Our state of the art machines also apply the finishes resulting in edging that is nothing short of seamless.

Rest easy.. Metro Wardrobes has you covered in the bedroom department.

How We Work

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We get an understanding of the collections that appeal to you in order for us to assign the right designer that can assist you further.

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Measurements of the space will be taken for your desired furniture and our designers will guide you to choose a style from our collections. We will assist you to refine the details of your chosen design to suit your space.

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As soon as your design has been confirmed and your order has been placed, we forward it to production. Your furniture will be fitted in 14 days.

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What Clients Say?

I highly recommend Metro Wardrobes. I had my wardrobes installed this week, no delays and high quality service. I am very happy with the result, they are beautiful and sturdy. Excellent client services from the beginning to the end. The designer was very flexible, patient and attentive and the wardrobes are exactly the way I wanted. Thank you Metro Wardrobes, including the fitters, for the great work.


Great job from Metro wardrobes - we had a double wardrobe, drawers and cupboards fitted by them. It take two days to fit and came about 8 weeks after we ordered. They look great, a good quality and a reasonable price.

Libby Penn

Great service from Mac and his colleagues from scoping to installation of the units all completed in good time. Also, impressed with the clean up done by the team. I will recommend the good service offered and the product finish is remarkable. Thanks Metro, keep it up.

Tayo Adejumo

I had always fancied a walk in wardrobe but thought it would involve huge expense and hassle. From the moment that I contacted Metro Wardrobes, the whole process was simple and straight-forward - and much more reasonably priced than I had expected. Metro Wardrobes transformed my box room into a fantastic walk in wardrobe and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company.


A very helpful designer spent a lot of time working on our project. A fairly big job of 4 bedrooms and a living room was expertly managed. The fitters did an outstanding job and the Cascina Pine fitted wardrobe and chest of drawers look absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Metro Wardrobes!

David Hopkins

I am so pleased with my bespoke wardrobe from Metro, it is absolutely perfect! The designer was so helpful and created exactly what I wanted. There are so many options for colours, mirrors and internal fittings. During the fitting, the team were so lovely and cleaned everything up after they had finished. The whole process was so quick and efficient, and for such a good price compared to other quotes I had. I would recommend to anyone!!


Very pleased with our walk-in wardrobe. Completed as per original mock-up in very good time.

Mark Owen

Very clean and tidy work. Done all in one quick day and great quality

Slamak Masoomi


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Will I have any say in how the design installation work goes? I'm fairly hands on when it comes to major home improvements in my London home.
I'm looking for something very special for the master bedroom in my London townhouse. Can Metro Wardrobes meet my exacting requirements?