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Fitted Bedroom Furniture in London

Transform your space with bespoke, built-in bedroom furniture

Metro Wardrobes designs and manufactures custom-made fitted bedroom furniture for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Our London-based workshop produces a range of fitted bedroom furniture that combines diverse styles with bespoke storage solutions tailored to meet the dimensions of your room without sacrificing on your taste or lifestyle. From Richmond to Romford, you can maximise any small or awkward space in your home with our made-to-measure bedroom furniture, guaranteed for 10 years. Explore our collection to find the ideal look for your space.


Give your Bedroom a Made-to-Measure Makeover

Your bedroom is the heart of your home – it’s your personal paradise. At Metro Wardrobes, we understand that it needs to be tailored to meet your needs, which is where our bespoke bedroom furniture comes in. Combining stylish design and maximum storage space, our fitted bedroom furniture enables you to make the most out of your bedroom floor plan without compromising on looks.

If you’re looking for made-to-measure bedroom furniture in London, Metro Wardrobes can help. Our curated collection comes in a variety of up-to-the-minute styles and premium materials, ensuring that our fitted bedroom furniture is customised to your bedroom’s décor. What’s more, these bespoke fitted bedroom designs provide ample space, helping you to keep your home clutter-free, and work well in master, guest, and even children’s bedrooms.

With fitted bedroom furniture, everything is customised to your space’s dimensions, meaning that you can maximise all available rooms – even with awkward architectural elements like sloped ceilings or angled walls.

Book a free design visit today and discover how our expert team can help with your new suite of fitted bedroom furniture. We’ll handle everything from surveying the space through to fitting and installation – all within 21 days of your order.


Transform your Bedroom with Fitted Furniture

Having an inviting and elegant bedroom is as important as ensuring the space is organised and clutter-free. We’ve designed our range of fitted bedroom furniture to showcase everything that a beautiful, thoughtful bedroom should have. From fitted wardrobes and over-the-bed storage units to bedside tables, chests of drawers, and dressing units, our collection of fitted bedroom furniture in London is all made to measure and tailored to your space’s specific storage requirements.

When it comes to maximising the available space in your bedroom, it’s hard to beat our fitted bedroom furniture. Installing over-the-bed wardrobe or storage units provide convenient spots in which to set aside bedtime essentials, whilst the addition of a dressing table creates a space for you to keep make-up, jewellery or other accessories, and prepare yourself for the day. Last but not least, a bespoke chest of drawers is the ideal unit to keep clothes, electronics, accessories, and more, as well as provide a focal point for decorative items like pictures or ornaments.

Our bespoke fitted furniture also comes with the addition of premium features and thoughtful details like LED lighting, mirrors, and unique handles to make your bedroom truly one-of-a-kind.

Book a visit to our London-based showroom to browse the range of our fitted bedroom furniture and take the first step towards securing your dream bedroom. We’ll take you through the process of fitted bedroom furniture design, production, and installation, whether you’re looking for a sleek contemporary look or a more traditional finish. Plus, with a 10-year product guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your fitted bedroom furniture is built to last.


More about our Bespoke Fitted Bedroom Furniture

What is bespoke fitted bedroom furniture?

Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture is made to measure and customised to your space. All of the furniture – from the bed through to the wardrobe and dressing table – is fitted to the dimensions of your space. This creates a clean, cohesive design that allows you to maximise the available floor plan of your bedroom, even when working with small spaces or slanted roofs.

Are fitted bedrooms worth it?

Bespoke fitted bedrooms can raise your home’s value. By installing bespoke, high-quality furniture that’s made to measure, you’re making the most of modern furniture solutions that maximise all available space, no matter how awkward.

Which is better, a dresser or a chest of drawers in fitted bedroom furniture?

A dresser is a piece of furniture that’s both long and low to the ground, making it ideal for those that have enough space in their fitted bedroom. Alternatively, a chest of drawers is tall and narrow, so is better for smaller spaces.

What’s included in the final price?

Metro Wardrobes are confident that we have the best pricing on the market. Final pricing includes your fitted bedroom furniture, delivery in London or surrounding areas, installation, internal features (such as poles, hangers, drawers), handles, soft closing hinges and runners, as well as a 10-year guarantee on all products.


Let Metro Wardrobes Transform your Space

Download our brochure to discover how we can help you design and install your dream fitted bedroom furniture. Designed to meet both your style needs and spatial dimensions, we offer custom-made fitted furniture that will soon make your bedroom your favourite room in the house.

Combining the highest-quality wood products and finishes with our made-to-measure service, our bespoke bedroom furniture will take your space to the next level. Manufactured in our London-based workshop, your fitted bedroom furniture will be installed within 21 days from the time of your order, ensuring a speedy transformation of your bedroom space. Visit our London showroom or call us on 0203 488 3347 today to take your first step into your dream fitted bedroom.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture Near You!

Whether you’re looking for built-in furniture for whole-room spaces or home furnishings, Metro Wardrobes is a fitted bedroom furniture supplier you can rely on. From fitted wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes to the home office and living space furniture, our diverse range of furniture collections combine premium materials with good manufacturing.

By implementing the most modern technology in our London-based workshop, we’ve streamlined our production process to be as efficient as possible, meaning that you’ll have your bespoke fitted bedroom furniture expertly installed within 21 days of your order.

Our team of specialists combine experts in fields including interior design, manufacturing, and engineering, and brings their impressive knowledge of the newest trends and products to our range of fitted furniture collections.

To find out more, request a brochure or get in touch for a chat. When you’re ready to get started, visit our London showroom or book a free design visit and take your first step towards your dream fitted bedroom furniture.

People Also Ask

What is fitted bedroom furniture?

Fitted bedroom furniture refers to furniture pieces, such as fitted wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing tables, and bedside tables, that are custom-made to fit seamlessly into the available space in your bedroom. They are designed to maximize storage and functionality while complementing the overall aesthetics of your bedroom.

What are the benefits of fitted bedroom furniture?

Fitted bedroom furniture is made to measure, allowing you to customize it according to your specific requirements and available space. They offer built-in storage options such as drawers, shelves, and shoe racks, helping you keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free.

Discuss your bedroom furniture requirements with your own designer and create the most organized bedroom. Book free design visit

How much does fitted bedroom furniture cost?

The cost of fitted bedroom furniture can vary depending on various factors, such as the size of your bedroom, the materials used, the design complexity, and the location of your residence. It's best to get a no- obligation quote from Metro based on your specific requirements and budget.

How long does it take to install fitted bedroom furniture?

The installation time for fitted bedroom furniture can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. It typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks, including the designing, manufacturing, and installation process.

At Metro, we take pride in our efficient installation process and aim to have your fitted furniture installed within 25 days once your order is confirmed. However, it's best to consult with designer for a more accurate time-line based on your specific requirements.

Can fitted bedroom furniture be customized to match my bedroom décor?

Fitted bedroom furniture can be fully customized to match your bedroom décor as you can choose from a wide range of materials, finishes, colours, and styles with Metro.

Work with your own designer to create a seamless and cohesive look that complements your existing bedroom décor or desired style.

Do you offer any warranty on the fitted bedroom furniture?

Metro offers 10 years of guarantee on all of our fitted bedroom furniture to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

You can get the specific details of the guarantee from your designer during your in-home design visit.