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Fitted Over-the-Bed Wardrobes in London

Maximise bedroom storage space with fitted over-the-bed wardrobes

At Metro Wardrobes, we offer a collection of stylish built-in over-bed wardrobes that provide practical and versatile over-bed storage. You can customise the internal design to include everything from trouser hangers and jewellery drawers to pull-out shoe racks and shelving. We manufacture everything locally in our London workshop and will expertly fit your modern over-the-bed wardrobe within 21 days to enjoy your new made-to-measure over-bed units in no time.

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Get Modern Fitted Wardrobes Over Your Bed

You may remember that back in the '70s and '80s, fitted above-bed storage units were highly fashionable. Since then, designs have been modernised to offer sleek and functional over-bed storage that can be fitted into even small and awkwardly shaped spaces. Fitted over-the-bed wardrobes allow you to declutter your bedroom or guest room and make the most of all available space.

The combination of open and closed shelving, over-bed storage units, and wardrobes allows you to store clothing, footwear, linen, towels, duvets and blankets, and other items. You can neatly pack away items that you don’t need to access regularly (such as spare or winter bedding) in the over-bed built-in wardrobes while enjoying easy access to day-to-day items in the side wardrobes, shelves and drawers.

Whether you’re north or south of the Thames, we have lots of great storage ideas to utilise empty space above and beside your bed. If you’d like to see a little more of what we can do, simply download our brochure for plenty of ideas and inspiration.


Customise Your Over-the-Bed Unit

When it comes to over-the-bed storage, there are lots of customisation options. For example, you can choose from different combinations of hanging space and drawers or opt to have two bedside tables incorporated into the design. There is also the option for open or closed glass shelves and units, which can serve as storage or to display framed photos or ornaments. If you need help deciding on the best layout for your over-the-bed wardrobe, you can book a free design visit with one of our talented designers or visit our showroom in London.

You can further personalise your built-in wardrobes over bed by adding LED lights, mirrors, and various interior options such as pull-out shoe racks, jewellery drawers, and trouser hangers. The aim is to ensure that your over-the-bed wardrobe offers optimal functionality while providing a dash of luxury to your room.


Most Asked Questions about Over-the-Bed Wardrobes

1. What is over-the-bed storage?

- Over-the-bed storage (or an over-the-bed wardrobe) comprises fitted wardrobes, drawers and/or shelving on either side of the bed with cabinets fitted above the head of the bed to provide a linked storage unit.

2. Can I add mirrors to an over-the-bed unit?

- Yes, and in fact, mirrors can make a room appear larger. While it might seem a little unnecessary to put mirrors on the front of high-wall units, they are a great solution if you are concerned that fitting an over-the-bed wardrobe in your London property will make the room feel cramped.

3. How do I add storage space to a small bedroom?

- Over-the-bed storage ideas, such as cabinets and shelves, with end-of-bed options like storage trunks can provide valuable storage in a small bedroom, such as a flat in Hackney or a spare room in Streatham.

4. Can I add downlights to my over-bed unit?

- Downlights can be installed in over-bed units to make the bed brighter. If you don't have room for freestanding lamps, built-in lighting is great for reading in bed and for creating a warm ambiance in the evening.

5. Can the shelves be kept open in the over-bed unit?

- Recessed shelves behind the bed will provide plenty of storage space for books, framed photos and mementoes. If you add some clever lighting, the shelves will provide a beautiful focal point.


Expertly Fitted Over-Bed Wardrobes

We believe fitted furniture should be beautiful and functional, which is why our pieces are handcrafted with care in our Wembley factory. We use 18mm-thick, solid boards for all of our furniture for durability, while our doors and drawers come with soft-closing mechanism hinges and runners as standard. Also, remember that we offer a 10-year product guarantee on your over-the-bed wardrobe and we will expertly install your order within 21 days.

Our fitters are trained in-house and have experience installing over-the-bed wardrobes in London properties of all kinds, including in small rooms and awkwardly shaped spaces. It is important that your made-to-measure over-the-bed wardrobe is properly installed to ensure the units fit seamlessly together, function optimally and look their best for many years.

Modern Fitted Wardrobes by Metro

We specialise in high-quality, locally manufactured bespoke fitted furniture and home furnishings. From fitted wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, and over-bed units to home office and living space furniture, we have plenty of solutions to make your life easier and your space more beautiful.

We source our materials from our tried and tested UK-based suppliers, while our fully automated workshop allows us to boost our efficiency and reduce production times. We also benefit from a great team that boasts expertise across such areas as interior design, manufacturing, and engineering. In addition, our designers stay current with the latest trends, product launches, international fairs and studio exhibitions.

Our aim is to ensure the entire Metro process, from your initial inquiry to the design and fitting of your custom over-the-bed wardrobe, is simple and seamless.

Contact us today or download our brochure to find out more, visit our showroom to talk in person, or arrange your free home design visit to get started.

People Also Ask

What are over-the-bed wardrobes?

Metro’s over-the-bed wardrobes are customized fitted furniture units that are designed to maximize storage space above the bed. These wardrobes are typically installed from the ceiling to the top of the bed, utilizing the vertical space effectively.

What are the benefits of Over-the-bed wardrobes?

Over-the-bed wardrobes utilize the often overlooked vertical space above the bed, providing additional storage without taking up floor space. They can be fully customized to match your bedroom décor, size, and storage needs.Also, they provide ample storage space for items such as clothes, linens, and other belongings, helping to keep the bedroom neat and organized. 

Book a free design visit and work with your own personal designer to bring your loft storage vision to life.

How much do over-the-bed wardrobes cost?

The cost of over-the-bed wardrobes can vary depending on factors such as the size, design complexity, and materials used. 

To know the price for your over-the-bed wardrobes, book a free designer visit and receive a no-obligation quotes

Can over-the-bed wardrobes be installed in rooms with low ceilings?

Over-the-bed wardrobes can be designed and installed to accommodate rooms with low ceilings. Metro’s professional designer can create customized solutions to ensure that the wardrobe fits comfortably within the available space while maintaining functionality and aesthetics.

What colours and finishes are available for over-the-bed wardrobes?

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes for our over-the-bed wardrobes, including plain, wood, textured and painted finishes. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles to match your bedroom decor.

How many years of guarantee do you offer on your wardrobes?

Our wardrobes come with a 10-year guarantee, and we are committed to resolving any wardrobe-related issues within 5 weeks from the time of reporting. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

How long does it take to have an over-the-bed wardrobe installed?

The installation time for over-the-bed wardrobes can vary based on factors such as size and complexity of the project.

At Metro, we strive for efficiency and aim to have your wardrobes installed within 25 days after confirming your order. For a more accurate time-line based on your specific requirements, it's best to consult with your own designer during your in-home design visit.