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Metro Loft and Attic Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes for your Loft Rooms

At Metro Wardorbes we specialize in designing and fitting loft room fitted furniture as well. Whether you are looking to create a bed space within your available space or looking for a straight run to achieve the best storage solutions, below you will find pictures of our recent jobs we did according to room’s specifications that prove that we can create any design required.

Know more about Attic Wardrobes

This type of fitted wardrobes need prior site visit due to emergency of knowing the exact dimensions of available space. As we already left with smaller space and less ceiling height, our designers emphasis more on utilising all the possible space without wasting an inch from wall or floor or ceiling. As custom fitted wardrobes plays wonderful role in reflecting individual personality and preferences with the help of many factors like colours, textures, finishing material and rest combinations. Metro Wardrobes believe in symmetrical and logical designs which maintain balance with in the area irrespective of shapes of attic wardrobes. The made to order for fitted attic wardrobe from the scratch do includes pre-planning for internal well division, detailed measurements (depths and heights), chosen material, type of doors to particular fitted wardrobe. Metro wardrobess are well functional with their specialisation of attic fitted wardrobe manufacturing and installing.

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Ideas of Loft or Attic Wardrobes for Bedrooms