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Bespoke Built-in Chest of Drawers in London

Unlock your room’s potential with a bespoke chest of drawers

A custom chest of drawers will fit perfectly in your bedroom, adding valuable storage to make the most of your space. A great option for bed linen, towels or extra space for your clothes, you can choose from the latest styles and get the exact size for your bedroom. With our collection, you can create the perfect built-in chest of drawers to suit your style. We can then manufacture it at our London workshop and fit it flawlessly within 21 days of your order, whether you’re in Balham, Barking or Bexleyheath!

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Complement Your Bedroom with a Bespoke Chest of Drawers

A made-to-measure chest of drawers is an excellent solution for your storage needs. At Metro Wardrobes, you will find a wide variety of high-quality units to choose from, giving you furniture that lasts – backed by a 10-year guarantee. Whether you are looking for a sideboard or a multi-drawer unit, tall or wide, small or narrow – we have ample choice for you.

Choose a freestanding bespoke chest of drawers, which is made to your exact requirements. This is a great option to update style and functionality in a living space, with the option to use your chest of drawers as an end or centre table. The option to store things inside of it will make any room more organised and elegant.

Or maximise space with a fitted piece of furniture for a completely seamless look in your bedroom or other living space. In this case, your fitted chest of drawers can be built into any given space, including narrow alcoves, corners and more. Book a free home design visit for our advice on making the most of your space.


Create an Elegant Aesthetic with a Fitted Chest of Drawers

Having a chest of drawers made to measure is naturally more stylish than a pre-made piece of furniture. It eliminates unsightly gaps in your room’s design for a flawless aesthetic that also maximises storage space. After all, a chest of drawers is a great, functional storage option that can go in any room – storing anything from clothing to utensils.

But what if your bedroom is low on space or an odd shape? No problem, Metro’s fitted bedroom furniture options cover all shapes and sizes of rooms. Our expertise in made-to-measure furniture, allows you to make the most of your space and create an updated style when doing it. Not to mention the sheer number of storage solutions you will have to choose from, so you never feel restricted matching furniture to your home décor. Request a brochure to see for yourself.


Most Asked Questions about Chests of Drawers

Q1: How is a bespoke chests of drawers beneficial?

Designing a chest of drawers to your exact requirements means it’s purpose-built to organise your belongings, whether that’s clothes in the bedroom or a library in your home-office.

Q2: Where can the chest of drawers be placed?

This sleek and stylish unit can easily be placed in any room of your house, whether it's the living room, bedroom, or dining area.

Q3: How much space does the chest of drawers occupy?

These units are perfect for anyone who wants to spruce up their home's storage while also giving their rooms a modern touch. They don't occupy much space, so they can be placed just about anywhere in your home.

Q4: What other functions do chests of drawers have?

If you're looking for a piece of furniture that can do double duty, a chest of drawers is a great option. Not only can you use it to store items, but you can also use it as a platform to showcase items. For example, if you're a voracious reader who enjoys reading before bed, you'll need to make sure your chest of drawers has adequate room on top to accommodate a lamp or reading light.

Q5: Can a chest of drawers enhance the beauty of the space?

Yes, a chest of drawers definitely makes a living space more stylish. It's also great for storage and can act as a platform to display your showpieces. We have a variety of finishes from which to choose depending on the room.


Custom Furniture to Refresh Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your haven. A place to relax when you need to refresh, which is unlikely to happen if it looks as worn out as you feel. Implementing a brand-new aesthetic to your bedroom can work wonders. Updating or adding furniture, whether it is a new built-in chest of drawers, fitted wardrobes or elegant, matching bedside tables can revitalise a tired look.

At Metro Wardrobes, we offer a vast array of styles. Whether you want a white chest of drawers for a monochromatic look or a splash of colour, we have something that will work for you. The option of different-sized dressers also means that you can have as much additional storage as you want.

Fitted & Bespoke Furniture by Metro

Here at Metro Wardrobes, we specialise in fitted furniture and home furnishings in north, east, south and west London. We have a wide collection of bespoke wardrobes and furniture for bedrooms, home offices and living spaces. That’s paired with a fully automated workshop, developed using modern technology. Investing in our smart workshop has allowed us to be more efficient, therefore reducing our production time significantly. Not everyone can offer a fitted chest of drawers within 21 days!

Manufacturing is a very important aspect of the production process, that's why over the years, we have trialled and tested multiple suppliers to make sure we collaborate with the absolute best in the country. Most of our team members come from interior design, manufacturing, and engineering backgrounds and have an impressive knowledge of the newest trends, product launches, international fares and studio exhibitions.

If you’d like to find out more about our products and what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to visit our London showroom or contact our team. You can also download our brochure or request or book a free home visit to get started.