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Why are Fitted Wardrobes with Sliding Doors Perfect for You?

Advantages of fitted wardrobes over conventional freestanding ones have been established and accepted for a long time now. Fitted furniture and more specifically, fitted wardrobes, are pretty much mainstream in most homes these days. Be it matters of cost, maintenance or installation, every problem that once plagued the adoption of fitted wardrobes has been dealt with for good.

Let’s consider, for instance, a sliding door fitted wardrobe. Modern fitted wardrobes with sliding doors cost lesser than earlier and offer as many, if not more, customisation options than their hinged door counterparts. Here we look at why fitted wardrobes with sliding doors are just perfect for you.

fitted sliding wardrobes

Optimal usage of storage space

This is the most important benefit of a sliding door wardrobe. There is only so much space going around in your home and for a bedroom, proper usage of space is vital. A sliding door wardrobe takes up a minor amount of floor space and makes good use of any wall in the bedroom. Fronted by beautifully finished sliding doors, such a wardrobe is capable of storing all your clothes with some space for accessories thrown in. Moreover, accessing every nook and corner of a sliding door wardrobe is effortless thanks to door panels that slide from one end to another in the smoothest manner.

sliding door wardrobes

Customisable storage design

Take a mental stock of all your clothing and accessories. Now ask yourself if all those items can be hung from rods, kept on shelves or stored in drawers. The answer is likely to be no. There is always certain stuff you wish could have had its own designated storage space. That lovely new hat for instance, or that beautiful set of shoes you bought for a special occasion.

That is exactly the problem a sliding door fitted wardrobe addresses. You can redistribute or design the space inside your new wardrobe so that your adored clothing and accessories have their rightful place. This means you can add a rack at a specific point, create a column with no shelves and even add a section to house all jewellery with a folding mirror to boot. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it!

sliding wardrobe doors

Storage was never this stylish

Probably the most overlooked benefit of sliding door fitted wardrobes is the amount of personalisation possible with them. You can have them stand out from the rest of the room or coherently merge with it. Choose from a range of options like lacquered glass, exquisite wood grains, beautiful mirrors or even a combination of them as sliding door fronts. Regardless of what you choose, it’s guaranteed that your bedroom will never be the same again.

sliding door example


Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors are not exclusive to bedrooms alone. They’re as suited to home offices where among other things, they can gobble up office supplies, your reading and music collection and even children’s games.

If you’re looking to add more storage to your home or desire to revamp the existing one, go for fitted wardrobes with sliding doors without a second thought. They are gorgeous, long-lasting, efficient and highly customisable. Our newly designed product section is a fine place to begin the search for your new fitted wardrobe with sliding doors.

high gloss fitted wardrobes

High Gloss Fitted Wardrobes

Around the turn of the century, the popularity of high gloss fitted wardrobes really took off and has shown no signs of abating since. Earlier restricted mostly to the kitchen space, high gloss finish furniture is now preferred for living and bedroom spaces as well. So how exactly did this come about?

high gloss fitted wardrobes

Gloss looks better

While certain wardrobe buyers prefer matte or regular finish over gloss, the latter has its fair share of fans. One reason for that is its fabulous appearance.

A high gloss finish wardrobe looks significantly brighter and bolder compared to a low-gloss or regular finish wardrobe in the same tone. This helps in multiple ways. For instance, the high sheen finish reflects a lot of light. In a bedroom, this creates the effect of a large and airy room. Moreover, with high gloss finish you can safely choose dark tones like dark brown, blue, and purple. But if you opt for a dark tone with a regular or matte finish, it will absorb a notable amount of ambient light which makes the room look smaller and darker. Of all places, you definitely don’t want your bedroom to look and feel like that.

high gloss fitted kitchens

It’s not only about looks though

Having said that, gloss is not all about looks alone. It has certain functional advantages that other types of finishes can’t compete with. The maintenance aspect for one. We’re cultured to believe that all things flashy and shiny are fragile and need a lot of attention. However, a high gloss finish is anything but that.

It can comfortably withstand scrubbing. So getting your children’s handprints or crayon art off the wardrobe’s surface is, no pun intended, child’s play. A gloss finish wardrobe will go years before starting to lose its shine, by which time you’re also likely to consider replacing it altogether. A glossy finish is remarkably resistant to ambient moisture; if that is an issue where you live.

high gloss sliding door wardrobes


There are a few drawbacks to high gloss finish wardrobes but those are related to the workmanship than the finish itself. For starters, imperfections while manufacturing your wardrobe are all too visible with a high gloss finish. Secondly, if the gloss in a particular section of the wardrobe fades sooner than other areas, the overall look takes a beating. One remedy is to touch it up but that can highlight the touched up section more prominently than others. Not a pleasant sight that.

This is exactly why the quality of materials used and the hands that put them together matter immensely when making high gloss fitted wardrobes. If good quality lacquer, paint, laminate, acrylic, or glass is used, the gloss finish will last for years while ageing gracefully and uniformly. Same holds true for the quality of workmanship. Use of precise machinery and skilled hands to make your wardrobe and coat it with a glossy finish makes all the difference in the end.

At Metro Wardrobes, we believe the proof lies in the pudding. So head to our product section and check out an amazing range of high gloss fitted wardrobes at highly attractive prices. Even better, if you want to see our quality manufacturing processes with your own eyes, just visit our factory store. We take great pleasure in welcoming people who care about how their furniture is made.