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Why Boards from EGGER dominate UK’s Fitted Furniture Market

The humble chipboard, alternatively known as particle or fibre board, has seen a steady gain of fortune ever since it saw light of day in 19th century Germany. Much derided as the cheaper and lesser cousin of virgin wood, the chipboard is overwhelmingly popular today for its unbeatable proposition of quality, affordability, and most importantly, eco-friendliness. The latter is made possible by the use of recycled wood, mostly sawmill residue, in combination with virgin wood, usually sourced from roundwood trees.

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The driving force behind the large scale adoption of chipboard has been, and continues to be, the EGGER Group. The company makes boards for a wide range of applications like house building, flooring, bespoke furniture, kitchen tops and countless others. Some of EGGER’s fastest selling products are laminated chipboards, MDF boards, plywood, worktops, and decorative panels with the company being the largest player in the segment in Europe.

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This begs the question, what makes EGGER boards fly off the shelves so quickly and so consistently.

  • Natural feel – This is one aspect where boards from EGGER compare handsomely to alternatives made from imitation material. Even though the former retails for a premium, the unrivalled natural wood, stone or linen feel it boasts of more than makes up for the higher cost. For instance, a fitted wardrobe made from an EGGER board and laminate will retain its strength as well as shine for years together.
  • Moisture resistant – An area where EGGER is unanimously hailed, moisture resistance is an issue that many fibreboard makers have grappled with for years without much success. Chipboard technology involves pressing together under pressure a set of ingredients that includes virgin wood, recycled wood, sawdust, and resin. Moisture of any sort has a devastating effect on the longevity and integrity of a chipboard. This is where EGGER truly shines with innovations like pressing a board on both sides with impregnated moisture-resistant raw paper. Using prescribed EGGER boards for kitchen flooring, bathroom flooring, and kitchen worktops makes a lot of sense as these parts deal with moisture on a daily basis.

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  • Top notch durability – Probably the area where chipboards have made the largest progress in the last couple of decades, durability is a beacon of EGGER’s innovative manufacturing processes. After the core, surface and resin are pressed into a finished product, there follows a set of processes dedicated to checking for defects like impurities and air pockets. Attention is also paid to the finished chipboard’s density to ensure consistency in quality. The boards are again thoroughly checked at the cooling and cutting stages before being put through an in-depth QC stage. Here they are tested not only against mandatory EN standards but also EGGER’s own standards, which comfortably surpass those of the regulator. A good adjudicator of EGGER’s durability is the lengthened warranty it offers on its products, with some spanning over an astounding 20 years.
  • Unmatched strength – A prominent gripe from particle board critics is that it doesn’t hold up well in applications like flooring and bespoke furniture. There is good reason for this complaint as most board makers, in the race towards a lower price tag, compromise on certain manufacturing and QC practices while creating these boards. This results in boards of irregular density and a nature prone to chipping and disintegration when used to create furniture like a fitted wardrobe or a kitchen upstand. An EGGER board, on the other hand, suffers from none of those hitches and is highly pliable to cutting, drilling and shaping of all kinds. A uniform density further allows it to hold screws and fittings unwaveringly, an attribute vital for making furniture free from defects.

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As one of the top suppliers of EGGER particle boards in London, Metro Wardrobes also offers you an entire boutique of innovative bespoke furniture made exclusively from EGGER products. While it is in our best interest to have customers spend their money on the best available board in the market, we certainly do accept that EGGER and its products make our job, that of creating quality fitted furniture, an absolute pleasure.