Fitted Walk-in Wardrobes

Want to keep the clutter out? Upgrade to a Walk-in Wardrobe

fitted walk in wardrobes

Having a home that has space for a walk in wardrobe is probably an icing on the cake

Today’s age and time having that extra personal space where you can walk in freely and have the freedom to choose your wardrobe at one glance is definitely a blessing in disguise.

Room for all

Imagine having all your things right from clothes to the small nitty gritty like socks, ties, belts, shoes, jackets, coats etc all in one place and easily accessible. That’s the biggest advantage of having a walk in wardrobe.

At your convenience

A walk in wardrobe gives you the upper hand to fix in as many accessories like shelves, Light fixtures, Mirrors, Drawers, Bins and baskets.

It also uses maximum available storage space with the help of features like racks, hooks and rails. It lets you customise your space as per your convenience and you will be sure never to lose any items or leave anything behind.

Dress up

Wouldn’t it be nice to have space where you can choose what you need to wear and dress up there itself rather than walking back and forth from your closet to your dressing room?.

Having a walk in wardrobe gives you the benefit of getting ready in your wardrobe and just in case u need a quick change you can arrange it back in its place and try on another.

It helps you save up on time and effort giving you time on doing something more.

Safe and Secure

Having your valuables safely stored at home is always a security issue running on your mind.

Keeping them locked up in a safe, hidden inside your walk-in wardrobe makes it hard to access and gives you peace of mind especially when you’re out or travelling.

Big Advantage

A walk-in wardrobe helps you keep everything organised. Getting things in and out is also more accessible and makes life more simple and easy.

Another feather in the cap is when it comes to cleaning, it is easier and faster to clean up when you have more space rather than a cramped up wardrobe.

If you are still living with a wardrobe full of clutter, it’s time to move on, get organised and upgrade to a walk-in wardrobe.

Metro wardrobes will organise your life for you with beautiful spacious walk-in wardrobes.

Metro Small fitted Kitchen

A Small Kitchen! That means a smart storage space

metro small fitted kitchen

Bespoke fitted kitchen tips for your small kitchen

Having a small kitchen and being able to use it well means you need to creatively use every inch of space you have.

Metro Wardrobes will give you a small insight on how to get creative with a small kitchen.

Plan your space:  Its best to plan your space and try and use up maximum space your kitchen has to offer. Plan on using open shelves on bare walls or use up that space under your stairs to fit in your pantry.

Let’s Draw it:   Drawers work wonders in a small kitchen and can be fantastic space savers.

Slim is in: The best way to make your kitchen clutter free is to use slim furniture that fits in your space and is multipurpose. Right from open table legs to armless chairs and even slim modular islands. It’s time to get slim and out with the bulk.

Light up:   Your small kitchen needs lighting to suit many moods. Use lights in such a way that it creates a soulful ambience and not forgetting making your time easy while you cook up a delicious meal.

Peek-a-Boo- One of the best ways to make your kitchen look bigger is to make use of glass. It lets you have a look at whatever you need at one glance. Glass door cabinets or even glass kitchen doors visually expands your kitchen space giving you a feeling of freedom and comfort.

Play with Colour:  Right from the colour of your walls to your kitchen appliances and kitchen linen, the right colour combination will make your small kitchen look bigger on space and boost the look and feel of your home.

Get Stylish and Comfy: trying to work in a small kitchen can be daunting and sometimes be claustrophobic; therefore it’s best to plan your kitchen as per your individual comfort and what suits you best. You can style it up the way you want and also make it useful to suit your palette.

Visit us at Metro Wardrobes and we will make sure to help you build your stylish and comfortable kitchen.

Metro Fitted Wardrobes Storage Organiser

Storage Organisers – Making your Life Simple

Metro Fitted Wardrobes Storage Organiser

Putting your home in order is a great way to make it look tidy and also helps to retrieve anything, when you need it most.

Today there is variety and a wide range of home storage and organisation products; you can use to perk up the aesthetics as well as functionality of your home.

Many homes come with inbuilt storage organisers and one can also upgrade to a variety of organiser to suit their personal needs and wants

Storage organizers are available from small storage like lunch leftovers to socks, magazines to make-up, and big storage solutions right from household, things, garage tools and Office goods.

Storage solutions help you keep a track of all your things, whenever you need it, whenever you want it.

Right from clothes organiser to Organisers with multiple compartments you can make the most of your wardrobe, shelves or drawers and always know where even the smallest things are. There are boxes for every imaginable need and taste, so you can make your storage work for you.

A wide range of large storage solutions are now available in the form of modular kitchens, fitted wardrobes, and loft conversions. They are tailor made to fit your style and requirements. You can mix and match the storage options as per your needs. They come with storage right from clothes to shoes, bags to belts and accessories which makes it easier to find them when you are looking for them.

The best way to live if you are living in a constricted space is to Organise your personal things with the best possible storage solutions available in the markets.

Its time to get smart and upgrade to making use of more space and minimizing on wastage of space.

Cut the chaos, triumph over the mess and Divide it with amazing storage solutions and Organisers

Bespoke fitted-tv-unit

What Makes Metro Wardrobes So Special?

In the UK fitted furniture industry, you’ll find that most big-named companies out-source or manufacture their products from factories up north or either, the Midlands. This means when purchasing from London, the delivery time can be lengthier, expensive and very time-consuming. However, we are a local London based company with an in-house, bespoke fitted furniture factory. With over a decade of experience in the fitted furniture manufacturing business and one of the fastest lead times of 10-14 days – we are the no.1 local, bespoke fitted furniture company to go to.

Most fitted wardrobe companies will do front frame carcasses or only side panel wardrobes. Yet, we as a fitted wardrobe specialist focus on full unit carcasses including solid back panels.

90% of fitted wardrobe companies will use a restricted selection of colours. Nevertheless, at Metro Wardrobes we stock limitless colours and wood grain textures of any size (Egger and XyloCleaf ranges) to give you exactly what you are looking for. Together with this, all board colours and textures come with matching 2mm edging, which is the highest quality of edging compared to any of our competitors. Our local, Wembley based showroom showcases the most stunning fitted bedrooms, home offices, fitted kitchens, walk-in wardrobes, sliding and hinged door wardrobes to give you plentiful inspiration and allowing you to see and feel the quality for yourself.

We are confident in our workmanship and are highly trained to work around the most awkward of spaces, such as loft rooms, sloping ceilings and eves. No matter how complicated a job may be, we work to it and offer the best design solution and prices.

Metro Wardrobes are not a sales lead company. Our main goal is to give our customers the most beautiful bespoke fitted wardrobe and custom-made furniture, leaving them with a smile when it’s all completed.

We believe buying a built-in wardrobe should be a smooth and pleasurable journey, so come and take your first step towards your gorgeous new fitted home today.