Benefits of Sliding Wardrobe

Benefits of a Sliding door wardrobe

Benefits of Sliding Wardrobe

Metro wardrobes – Benefits of Fitted Sliding wardrobe

Benefits of a Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobes use up less space as compared to hinged door wardrobes and give you more space to freely move around. It also gives you an amazing storage facility.

They look stylish, sleek and with more storage space it helps u keep everything organised.


Sliding door wardrobes are more widespread and are lengthy. If you have plenty of things like clothes, accessories, cosmetics and hideaway luggage, its best to get a customized sliding door wardrobe   With a wardrobe as cooperative as this, your storage problems seem minimal. Moreover, they save space as they don’t hamper your movements in the room.

Modern and stylish

Sliding door wardrobes add flair and finesse to any room. You have the comfort of designing your wardrobe the way you want having the liberty to choose the texture or colour. Mirrors add an extra touch of style and functionality.

Added Value

A high quality fitted sliding wardrobe enhances the value of your home and makes it more appealing,  gives a positive feeling and creates and makes your home look spacious.

Clutter-less Living

Sliding door wardrobes help you organise and clear up all the clutter and gives you easy access to anything you need whenever you need.

They need not be just in your bedroom, it can be used in any room and can also be used in offices to store office supplies.

Sliding door wardrobes are available in different styles, colours, and designs. You can customize your wardrobe as per the space available in your room.

Are you looking for more storage space, its time you think of upgrading to a sliding wardrobe?

Metro Wardrobes are always happy to help.

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Or call us and book an appointment for our experts to visit you and help you design your wardrobe the way you want at your convenience.

Autumn Season London

Easy ways to changeover your home decor from summer to fall

Autumn Season London

Autumn is here and everything around us is changing over

Don’t you think it’s time you make a few changes in your house too?

Here are a few simple ideas to help you transit with ease from summer to fall.

Go White

Having a white tone background makes it easier to change from one season to the next. Using white, cream, and ivory in home decor gives a perfect backdrop and helps in adding decorative accents.

But if you are into more colours, just decorate with neutral colours.

Use Layered Texture

Get that autumn feeling into your home by adding layered textures. Don’t go overboard on adding elements but keep it simple yet elegant, like adding an extra blanket at the foot of a bed giving you a warm cosy feeling.

Nurture Nature

The the best way to get the feeling of Autumn is to add in decorative natural elements. Decorate your living room with leaves, dried twigs or branches, acorns and Fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, pumpkins and gourds. Using Natural elements as decorative items are easy on the budget as well as gives you a pleasant feeling

Play with Fabric

Just as autumn brings in fresh change and the leaves change their colour, so it is with our home furnishings. It’s time to play with fabric and changeover to using more of velvets knits and even go soft on pillow covers, bed sheets and blankets.  Add in a few floor rugs to give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

Light up softly

Get ready for shorter nights and longer days. Add that warm glow to your evenings by adding in a few scented candles. Simply add some extra spice by using mason jars as candle stands and give your evenings a romantic touch.

As we look forward to the best time of the year, let’s give our home the makeover it needs.  Hope our tips help you get that beautiful change you need for your home.

Home Interior Inspiration

Tips to freshen up your home’s interior, without breaking the bank.

Metro Wardrobes - Home Interior Inspiration

Home Interior Inspiration – Metro Wardrobes

Tips and Suggestions on Home Interiors by Metro Wardrobes

Do you want to give your home a fresh look this autumn? Metro wardrobes are happy to help and give you a few tips and suggestions and how you can make your home more appealing to everyone.

Tone up your Front Door

You want to make the first impression of your house the best impression, then Paint that front door. Play with colour, have fun and go with a glossy hue. Make a bold statement with bright colours like red, orange or yellow.

In some cultures, a red door meant to welcome and orange and yellow are associated with joy and warmth.

Wall to Wall-Light and Neutral

Light and Neutral walls make you flexible in decorating your rooms the way you want, allowing you to mix up your accessories.

Mirror on the wall

Mirrors make any room look bigger and feel brighter since they rebound the light around the room.

Let there be Light.

Light in every home should be of three kind- Ambient, Task and Accent Ambient-provides light all over the home and often comes from ceiling fixtures. Task- often found over a kitchen island or a reading nook, and Accent- used as a decorative highlighter.

Rugs and more

Various colours and textured rugs available can be used under the legs of your living room furniture giving it a stylish look.

Trick an eye.

If you have low ceilings its best to paint them white to make the room feel less clustered. Hanging curtains higher than the windows tricks your eye into thinking the room is taller.

Hope the above tips help you in giving your home the fresh look that you’ve always wanted. For more tips and information you can visit our website or drop in at our showroom to have a look at our wide range of bespoke furniture. You can also call us on 0203 488 3347 and have our experts help you out.