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Modern Wardrobe Designs for the Bedroom 2019

Interior design is an industry that’s always evolving. New and exciting ideas appear every year. Some break the mould, whereas others are useful tweaks on an existing concept. In both cases, the customer’s buying experience is enhanced. There are several variables involved in wardrobe design that include:   Colour Texture Accessories Material Matching existing decor […]

Coordinating Mismatched Bedroom Furniture: What’s Your Plan?

Modern interior design has often focused on matching furniture items in a room, a methodology that we all probably agree makes sense logically. But in more recent years, the trend has been to include quirky elements that don’t necessarily match but otherwise complement each other in such a way that the overall effect is pleasant […]

5 Key Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular in many bedrooms throughout London. The main appeal of fitted wardrobes is that they save valuable space and optimise the existing space you have. The problem with freestanding wardrobes is that they have to be placed against a wall or in a corner which usually leaves gaps either side […]

Luxury CHELSEA Storage Design – The Epitome of Luxurious Storage

Bespoke Fitted Luxury Chelsea Walk-in Wardrobes Luxury and utility do not always have to be strange bedfellows. A flowing and elegant design, effortless functioning, precise workmanship and high-quality materials can lend a touch of luxury to any mundane object of utility. Nothing exemplifies this better than the Luxury CHELSEA storage design, which is the veritable […]

Benefits of a Sliding door wardrobe

Benefits of a Sliding Door Wardrobe Sliding door wardrobes use up less space as compared to hinged door wardrobes and give you more space to freely move around. It also gives you an amazing storage facility. They look stylish, sleek and with more storage space it helps u keep everything organised. Widespread Sliding door wardrobes […]

Easy ways to changeover your home decor from summer to fall

Autumn is here and everything around us is changing over Don’t you think it’s time you make a few changes in your house too? Here are a few simple ideas to help you transit with ease from summer to fall. Go White Having a white tone background makes it easier to change from one season […]

Tips to freshen up your home’s interior, without breaking the bank.

Tips and Suggestions on Home Interiors by Metro Wardrobes Do you want to give your home a fresh look this autumn? Metro wardrobes are happy to help and give you a few tips and suggestions and how you can make your home more appealing to everyone. Tone up your Front Door You want to make […]

Want to keep the clutter out? Upgrade to a Walk-in Wardrobe

Having a home that has space for a walk in wardrobe is probably an icing on the cake Today’s age and time having that extra personal space where you can walk in freely and have the freedom to choose your wardrobe at one glance is definitely a blessing in disguise. Room for all Imagine having […]

A Small Kitchen! That means a smart storage space

Bespoke fitted kitchen tips for your small kitchen Having a small kitchen and being able to use it well means you need to creatively use every inch of space you have. Metro Wardrobes will give you a small insight on how to get creative with a small kitchen. Plan your space:  Its best to plan […]

Storage Organisers – Making your Life Simple

Putting your home in order is a great way to make it look tidy and also helps to retrieve anything, when you need it most. Today there is variety and a wide range of home storage and organisation products; you can use to perk up the aesthetics as well as functionality of your home. Many […]