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What Makes Metro Wardrobes So Special?

In the UK fitted furniture industry, you’ll find that most big-named companies out-source or manufacture their products from factories up north or either, the Midlands. This means when purchasing from London, the delivery time can be lengthier, expensive and very time-consuming. However, we are a local London based company with an in-house, bespoke fitted furniture […]

Why Choose a Local Fitted Furniture Company?

In the furniture industry, there’s a mix of two types of furniture: the mass-produced, free-standing kind and custom-made, bespoke fitted furniture. Together with this, you have the big franchises and then you have the local, family-run stores that manufacture and sell them. The chain furniture stores rely on big advertising budgets and high volume to […]

6 steps to your beautiful fitted home

Step 1 – Browse our online gallery Take the time to browse through our site and get a feel for who we are as a company. We are constantly updating our website with clear information on all our exceptional products and services. With an abundance of up-to-date project photographs, you are able to gather a […]

Bespoke Fitted Walk-in Wardrobes: A Dream for Fashion lovers.

Walk-in Wardrobes are luxurious large closets, in which you can physically step into and move around in. For many people who hold an abundance of clothes and accessories, it’s a designated dressing area with plentiful space to store ample amounts of clothing, dresses, shoes and jewellery. We all tend to believe these majestic closets of […]

High-quality, Stunning Surfaces by XyloCleaf

Metro Wardrobes offer an astonishing collection of mesmerising colours, textures and surfaces by XyloCleaf. The Italian melamine-faced chipboards are durable and perfectly finished, which will make your bespoke fitted wardrobes truly exceptional and inspiring. Our knowledgeable team of professional designers will assist and guide you in choosing the perfect colours and styles to compliment your […]

The Perfect Wardrobe for a Man in Suits

It’s 2018 and men are dressing better than ever. Gone are the days of skinny jeans and oversized t-shirts as they have given way to a new breed of man. One who cares about his appearance and isn’t afraid to wear a suit to work. Today’s man wants to look good and feel good about […]

Why Boards from EGGER dominate UK’s Fitted Furniture Market

The humble chipboard, alternatively known as particle or fibre board, has seen a steady gain of fortune ever since it saw light of day in 19th century Germany. Much derided as the cheaper and lesser cousin of virgin wood, the chipboard is overwhelmingly popular today for its unbeatable proposition of quality, affordability, and most importantly, […]

Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes Ideas

The Journey from Unsightly to Beautiful with Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes Fitted bedroom wardrobes have become the go-to choice for people who are looking to increase the storage space in their bedrooms. These wardrobes are reasonably priced and offer a lot of customisation options in areas like the choice of material, type of finish, the range […]

Why are Fitted Wardrobes with Sliding Doors Perfect for You?

Advantages of fitted wardrobes over conventional freestanding ones have been established and accepted for a long time now. Fitted furniture and more specifically, fitted wardrobes, are pretty much mainstream in most homes these days. Be it matters of cost, maintenance or installation, every problem that once plagued the adoption of fitted wardrobes has been dealt […]