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High Gloss Fitted Wardrobes

Around the turn of the century, the popularity of high gloss fitted wardrobes really took off and has shown no signs of abating since. Earlier restricted mostly to the kitchen space, high gloss finish furniture is now preferred for living and bedroom spaces as well. So how exactly did this come about? Gloss looks better […]

How much do Fitted Sliding Wardrobes Cost?

The modern fitted sliding wardrobes prices is the main concern that comes to your mind and you want to know how much do the fitted sliding wardrobes cost? Fitted Sliding wardrobes have found a lot of popularity with people looking for a spacious yet stylish storage solution for their bedrooms. Sure, fitted wardrobes with normal hinged doors […]

Average Cost of Fitted Bedrooms in the UK

If you are planning to get fitted bedrooms for your home, then your first thought is, what is the price and how much will it costs for you get it! In this article will look into the fitted bedroom prices and a proven way to spruce up the appearance, as well as the usability factor […]

What are Fitted Wardrobes?

The importance of a wardrobe to a bedroom cannot be overstated. Gone are the days when little attention was paid to the ergonomics and design of a wardrobe. Wardrobes these days have evolved to a great extent and contribute significantly to a bedroom’s overall appearance. However, all said and done, a wardrobe’s aesthetic appeal can […]

How much do Fitted Kitchens Cost in 2018?

A guide on buying the UK fitted kitchens and prices in London As a thumb rule, it’s safe to say that your fitted kitchen is the most used space in your house. Consequently, a typical kitchen also wears down much faster than other areas of the house and therefore, is likely to require a redo […]

What to consider before getting your perfect fitted furniture?

Metro Wardrobes have been working in the industry for long enough to know that choosing bespoke, fitted furniture is an important decision for our customers – after all, we build it to last – and one that can completely change the look of their home. Since you are here, we suppose you are also looking for […]