Fitted Wardrobes for Bedroom

Average Cost of Fitted Bedrooms in the UK

If you are planning to get fitted bedrooms for your home, then your first thought is, what is the price and how much will it costs for you get it!

In this article will look into the fitted bedroom prices and a proven way to spruce up the appearance, as well as the usability factor of a bedroom, is to install fitted furniture. Bespoke furniture come highly recommended when you are looking to increase the storage space of your bedroom. Regardless of whether you’re opting for a full home renovation, buying a new one or just wanting to change the look of your room, bespoke furniture for the bedroom is something you should consider. It’s more than likely, however, that you’d be in the dark about the average cost of fitted bedrooms.

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How much do Fitted Bedrooms cost in the UK?

Goes without saying that the size of your bedroom has a major bearing on the cost of fitted furniture. The bigger the room, the larger the fitted furniture you need and higher the cost of installing them (more on this later).

The other thing influencing your fitted bedroom cost is the quality and finish of components used. Consider the sliding door fitted wardrobe for example. It sits well in pretty much any bedroom and in case yours is smaller, the sliding doors can be faced with mirrors that help in visually increasing the size of the bedroom. Depending upon your choice of interior layout, overall finish and size, these wardrobes should cost you anything from £2,500 to £4,000.

Quite a few also prefer to have hinged door fitted wardrobes installed in their bedrooms. A three door wardrobe of this type is usually priced in the £2,300-£2,900 range. But more than the cost, what draws people to this kind of wardrobe is the range of options when it comes to mouldings, drawers and columns. If you’re budget is tight, a simpler design can be chosen instead of more intricate, and thereby expensive, ones.

In case your bedroom is large, it’s recommended to go for a six door wardrobe. Prices for these wardrobes start around the £3,500 mark. Final cost varies according to the wardrobe height required, internal layout and the finish you choose.

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Price of Installing Fitted Bedroom Furniture for your home

That brings us to the final aspect of installing a new fitted bedroom: the cost of labour for installation. An experienced set of hands can cost you £200-£400 depending upon the complexity of the task. If you intend to have the installing personnel remove your old furniture or perform any other ancillary tasks, prepare to pay more.

There’s also another, and what some would say as more convenient, option. You can inquire if the company that sells you the fitted bedroom furniture would take care of the installation as well. This way, you ensure the highest quality of installation.

That is exactly what Metro Wardrobes does. In addition to offering the widest range of bespoke bedroom furniture at highly competitive prices, we also provide in-house installation services. Our skilled fitters make sure your new fitted furniture sit exactly where they should and not an inch here and there!

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