high gloss fitted wardrobes

High Gloss Fitted Wardrobes

Around the turn of the century, the popularity of high gloss fitted wardrobes really took off and has shown no signs of abating since. Earlier restricted mostly to the kitchen space, high gloss finish furniture is now preferred for living and bedroom spaces as well. So how exactly did this come about?

high gloss fitted wardrobes

Gloss looks better

While certain wardrobe buyers prefer matte or regular finish over gloss, the latter has its fair share of fans. One reason for that is its fabulous appearance.

A high gloss finish wardrobe looks significantly brighter and bolder compared to a low-gloss or regular finish wardrobe in the same tone. This helps in multiple ways. For instance, the high sheen finish reflects a lot of light. In a bedroom, this creates the effect of a large and airy room. Moreover, with high gloss finish you can safely choose dark tones like dark brown, blue, and purple. But if you opt for a dark tone with a regular or matte finish, it will absorb a notable amount of ambient light which makes the room look smaller and darker. Of all places, you definitely don’t want your bedroom to look and feel like that.

high gloss fitted kitchens

It’s not only about looks though

Having said that, gloss is not all about looks alone. It has certain functional advantages that other types of finishes can’t compete with. The maintenance aspect for one. We’re cultured to believe that all things flashy and shiny are fragile and need a lot of attention. However, a high gloss finish is anything but that.

It can comfortably withstand scrubbing. So getting your children’s handprints or crayon art off the wardrobe’s surface is, no pun intended, child’s play. A gloss finish wardrobe will go years before starting to lose its shine, by which time you’re also likely to consider replacing it altogether. A glossy finish is remarkably resistant to ambient moisture; if that is an issue where you live.

high gloss sliding door wardrobes


There are a few drawbacks to high gloss finish wardrobes but those are related to the workmanship than the finish itself. For starters, imperfections while manufacturing your wardrobe are all too visible with a high gloss finish. Secondly, if the gloss in a particular section of the wardrobe fades sooner than other areas, the overall look takes a beating. One remedy is to touch it up but that can highlight the touched up section more prominently than others. Not a pleasant sight that.

This is exactly why the quality of materials used and the hands that put them together matter immensely when making high gloss fitted wardrobes. If good quality lacquer, paint, laminate, acrylic, or glass is used, the gloss finish will last for years while ageing gracefully and uniformly. Same holds true for the quality of workmanship. Use of precise machinery and skilled hands to make your wardrobe and coat it with a glossy finish makes all the difference in the end.

At Metro Wardrobes, we believe the proof lies in the pudding. So head to our product section and check out an amazing range of high gloss fitted wardrobes at highly attractive prices. Even better, if you want to see our quality manufacturing processes with your own eyes, just visit our factory store. We take great pleasure in welcoming people who care about how their furniture is made.

Fitted Sliding Wardrobes

How much do Fitted Sliding Wardrobes Cost?

The modern fitted sliding wardrobes prices is the main concern that comes to your mind and you want to know how much do the fitted sliding wardrobes cost?

Fitted Sliding wardrobes have found a lot of popularity with people looking for a spacious yet stylish storage solution for their bedrooms. Sure, fitted wardrobes with normal hinged doors cost less while conventional freestanding ones hardly make a dent in your wallet. Pay more for sliding wardrobes but in the bargain, you get yourself a wardrobe that complements your bedroom’s appearance, is finished to your taste and provides a lot of storage space without being obtrusive.

They’re not as expensive as You’d Like to Think

There is a certain assumption that sliding wardrobes and doors are on the expensive side and don’t really offer great value for money compared to hinged door fitted wardrobes. That’s not true.

How much do the fitted sliding wardrobes cost in the UK

The cost of a basic sliding wardrobe with doors sporting a matte finish in your desired colour is comparable to its hinged door counterpart. This means a starting price point of around £1,000. However, this should be considered as rough estimate only as with fitted wardrobes, there are other variables like the size of your bedroom, your choice of design and materials, and of course, the cost of installation. These variables can either push up or pull down your sliding door wardrobe budget by a few hundred pounds.

metro bedroom sliding wardrobes

Ballpark Cost of Sliding Door Wardrobes

The aforementioned £1,000 wardrobe though will have its share of shortcomings like a standard wood finish and no attractive accessories to speak of. At the higher end though, which is around the £5,000 mark, you can expect all bells and whistles like premium finish, beautiful accessories and innovative storage design.

Keeping that in mind, the average budget for a two or three section sliding wardrobe should be around £1,700 to £3,200.

metro high tech bedroom sliding doors

Other Factors Affecting the Cost of fitted sliding wardrobes

Certain makers offer sliding door wardrobe cost estimates by the door. So for the material, design, accessories and finish you choose, you’ll be quoted a price per door. So if you want a three door unit, pay three times the quoted amount and you’re done. Also, these estimates usually leave out labour charges and taxes.

Speaking of labour, it’s another aspect you need to account for when deciding on a new sliding door wardrobe. Installers tend to charge either by the hour or by the square foot. For the latter, it’s usually between £120 and£200.

Another choice is to source the entire thing from a single supplier, where the cost of installation is included in the estimate and the installation itself is done by trained industry professionals. And hey, if you’re still wondering, Metro Wardrobes does exactly that! So get in touch with us for a custom price for your fitted sliding wardrobes for your home and offices.

Fitted Wardrobes for Bedroom

Average Cost of Fitted Bedrooms in the UK

If you are planning to get fitted bedrooms for your home, then your first thought is, what is the price and how much will it costs for you get it!

In this article will look into the fitted bedroom prices and a proven way to spruce up the appearance, as well as the usability factor of a bedroom, is to install fitted furniture. Bespoke furniture come highly recommended when you are looking to increase the storage space of your bedroom. Regardless of whether you’re opting for a full home renovation, buying a new one or just wanting to change the look of your room, bespoke furniture for the bedroom is something you should consider. It’s more than likely, however, that you’d be in the dark about the average cost of fitted bedrooms.

metro bedroom sliding door

How much do Fitted Bedrooms cost in the UK?

Goes without saying that the size of your bedroom has a major bearing on the cost of fitted furniture. The bigger the room, the larger the fitted furniture you need and higher the cost of installing them (more on this later).

The other thing influencing your fitted bedroom cost is the quality and finish of components used. Consider the sliding door fitted wardrobe for example. It sits well in pretty much any bedroom and in case yours is smaller, the sliding doors can be faced with mirrors that help in visually increasing the size of the bedroom. Depending upon your choice of interior layout, overall finish and size, these wardrobes should cost you anything from £2,500 to £4,000.

Quite a few also prefer to have hinged door fitted wardrobes installed in their bedrooms. A three door wardrobe of this type is usually priced in the £2,300-£2,900 range. But more than the cost, what draws people to this kind of wardrobe is the range of options when it comes to mouldings, drawers and columns. If you’re budget is tight, a simpler design can be chosen instead of more intricate, and thereby expensive, ones.

In case your bedroom is large, it’s recommended to go for a six door wardrobe. Prices for these wardrobes start around the £3,500 mark. Final cost varies according to the wardrobe height required, internal layout and the finish you choose.

metro loft bedrooms

Price of Installing Fitted Bedroom Furniture for your home

That brings us to the final aspect of installing a new fitted bedroom: the cost of labour for installation. An experienced set of hands can cost you £200-£400 depending upon the complexity of the task. If you intend to have the installing personnel remove your old furniture or perform any other ancillary tasks, prepare to pay more.

There’s also another, and what some would say as more convenient, option. You can inquire if the company that sells you the fitted bedroom furniture would take care of the installation as well. This way, you ensure the highest quality of installation.

That is exactly what Metro Wardrobes does. In addition to offering the widest range of bespoke bedroom furniture at highly competitive prices, we also provide in-house installation services. Our skilled fitters make sure your new fitted furniture sit exactly where they should and not an inch here and there!

metro bedside table

What are Fitted Wardrobes?

The importance of a wardrobe to a bedroom cannot be overstated. Gone are the days when little attention was paid to the ergonomics and design of a wardrobe. Wardrobes these days have evolved to a great extent and contribute significantly to a bedroom’s overall appearance. However, all said and done, a wardrobe’s aesthetic appeal can never take a backseat to its primary function, i.e. storage. As such, a perfect wardrobe is one that amalgamates a pleasing design with impressive storage capability.

That is exactly what fitted wardrobes do. Contrary to freestanding ones, fitted wardrobes adhere to the physical peculiarities of your bedroom. They blend right in with those odd spaces and contours that are present in most bedrooms. And the best part is, you have more free storage space to play with!

metro fitted wardrobes photos 21

Contemporary Silver Set Bedroom

Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes provide you with an amazing level of flexibility. For instance, conventional wardrobes are made without accounting for the presence of awkward spaces.They include stage intrusions, eaves, and even chimney breasts. There have been countless home improvement studies pointing out the obvious benefits of going in for fitted wardrobes instead of freestanding ones. Conventionally speaking, most people who shift from freestanding wardrobes to fitted wardrobes report an average increase of 40-50% in overall storage space.

While functionality is arguably the biggest advantage with fitted wardrobes, it is commonly misunderstood that they lag behind freestanding wardrobes when it comes to looks and overall aesthetics.

As far as design appeal is concerned, fitted wardrobes score higher compared to their freestanding counterparts. Door options like sliding, pivot and bi-fold and wardrobe designs like two-door or wall-wall executives add to your choice greatly. You can also have your fitted wardrobes in fabulous colours like coffee, chocolate, caramel, pine and many other combinations.

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Corner Wardrobe & Drawers

Cost of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes, by their very nature, differ from space to space. This also applies to their price. For larger rooms, you’ll need larger fitted furniture which directly impacts the final cost. Price escalations though aren’t restricted to the room size only. Fitted wardrobes without any embellishments and simple designs are much cheaper compared to their more extravagant counterparts.

All things considered, you can expect to buy a well-made three section fitted wardrobe for a price ranging from the early £2,000s to the late £5,000s. Be prepared to pay more for high quality finishes, designer fittings and add-ons like mirror fronted sliding doors among others.

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Fitted Drawer Dividers

Features of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes, without doubt, turn out more expensive than freestanding ones. But where they turn out a better choice is the convenience factor. While freestanding ones cost lesser, they have negatives like disturbing the look of your room and wasting vital storage space.

A fitted wardrobe has none of those drawbacks. It blends with your room in a way that no freestanding furniture can hope to emulate and most importantly, treats every inch of space like a drop of water in a desert.

metro fitted wardrobes photos 1

Two Door Wardrobes

At Metro Wardrobes, you’ll find an amazing set of fitted wardrobes that offer the best of both worlds, i.e. more storage space and highly stylish designs. You can also leave it to us to install your new fitted wardrobe as our skilled personnel come with years of experience behind them.

How much do Fitted Kitchens Cost in 2018?

A guide on buying the UK fitted kitchens and prices in London

As a thumb rule, it’s safe to say that your fitted kitchen is the most used space in your house. Consequently, a typical kitchen also wears down much faster than other areas of the house and therefore, is likely to require a redo say, once every five years. Of course, this figure can differ from person to person or rather, house to house. Either way, the more important question is how much would a new fitted kitchen cost you?

Before we get into the numbers, it’s important to realise that the eventual cost greatly depends on your preferences. The cost can escalate quickly if you opt for shiny appliances, designer brands, flashy accessories and intricate decorative touches.

Steps to buy fitted kitchens for your home

Therefore, it is a good idea to start by hiring a fitted kitchen designer in the UK as they will help you to design the kitchen keeping in mind your needs, preferences but also your budget.

Next up is rewiring the kitchen. A qualified electrician costs you £300-£900 depending on the work to be done and the number of appliances you own. DIY is best avoided here.

Storage cabinets, appliances, and worktops are pretty much the essence of your fitted kitchen. For cabinets, a golden rule you can follow is that the simpler the design, the lower the cost. So a standard unit won’t be as expensive as one with glass inlays or even rounded corners. All said, expect to shell out around £3,000 for a quality range of cabinets.

As with cabinets, appliances corner a big piece of any fitted kitchen budget. The best way to approach this is to decide on the appliances you need and the manner in which you’ll use them. This helps avoid buying oversized, and thus pricey, appliances. A complete set of modern appliances is likely to set you back by around £2,000.

The same applies to worktops too as laminate ones can be bought for roughly £100 while those made of granite, marble, and wood generally retail for over £1,000.

So how much will the fitted kitchen costs you in the UK?

To sum it up, you can get yourself a new fitted kitchen for around £7,000 to £10,000. The variation is again down to your preferences and ensuring some leeway in your budget never hurts.

While you can accomplish each of the above tasks individually, there is also the option of getting in touch with us for a one-stop solution. Metro Kitchens offers you an amazing choice of fitted kitchens along with quality installation services. You also get a designer visit completely free of charge. With Metro Kitchens, you can save money without scrimping on quality!

So get in touch with us today and let us give you the best prices and also make sure your kitchens are well fitted and nicely done to suit your home. We’ve been in the industry for a long time now and our customers in London, trust us.

You can visit our showroom and see the best of ranges we have.

hi gloss contemporary fitted bedroom with tv unit

What to consider before getting your perfect fitted furniture?

Metro Wardrobes have been working in the industry for long enough to know that choosing bespoke, fitted furniture is an important decision for our customers – after all, we build it to last – and one that can completely change the look of their home. Since you are here, we suppose you are also looking for a unique design for your space, so have a look at some tips and points you might want to consider before choosing your fitted furniture.

    1. First of all, look at the available space in your home and try to imagine where you would like to have your bespoke furniture fitted: where it would look best or where would it be the most practical and useful for you. Consider your room’s layout, windows, doors and possible changes to it that you might want to make in future.
    1. Think about your favourite colours: try to choose the ones that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in your home, the ones that will impress you every time you look at your room or the ones that you will never be bored with.
    1. Consider whether you prefer your space to be contemporary or traditional. Imagine yourself in a room with modern shapes and high gloss finishes – does it sound good to you? Or would you rather have a traditional design with wooden cupboards in your home? Is it sliding doors that you would like to have or do you find hinged doors classier? The decision is yours.
    1. Try to estimate your storage requirement: is it long hanging space that you need or double hanging? Would you like to have a set of useful, deep drawers or would you rather have shelves? Would you like to equip your furniture with some of the best quality, handy accessories like pull out shoe racks, pull out mirrors or lighting solutions? With Metro Wardrobes everything is possible.
  1. Do not worry! We are here to help you: just give us some of your ideas and after measuring your space, we will come up with best solutions for you and we will talk you through the whole process. Short of ideas? Do not worry – our team will help you design your ideal, made to measure furniture. And remember: at Metro Wardrobes the word “impossible” does not exist!