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Contemporary Furniture For Modern Homes In London

Contemporary-Home-FurnitureOver the past few years, contemporary furniture has gained a lot of popularity with many modern homeowners. Unlike other styles, contemporary design doesn’t shy away from trying out new ideas, incorporating new concepts. Thus, if you’re looking for furniture pieces that will breathe new life into your modern home, while also standing out as unique and stylish, then contemporary furniture is what you need. The thing with contemporary furniture is that you have a variety to pick from, not just in terms of the design, but also the colors as well as state of the art materials (think of glass, metal, etc. Metro Wardrobe is the leading furniture dealer in London; we have a wide collection of high quality contemporary furniture for all your modern home needs. Don’t look any further, have a look at the below guide on picking the best contemporary furniture for your modern home in London;

  1. Genuine Products;  even before we delve into the specifics of what colors to pick, what designs would fit in most with your modern home, you’ll need to ensure that you’re buying original, genuine products. In our case, our contemporary furniture pieces are manufactured in our London office using high quality wood and other materials. As such, we’re always able to give our customers a 10 year Guarantee of all furniture purchased from our shop.
  2. Contemporary bedroom furniture; of all the rooms in your modern home that would look great in contemporary furniture, the bedroom ranks at the top. Contemporary wardrobes stand out for their cool and unique designs; you can go a step further and get the rest of the bedroom furniture also modified to create a more contemporary feel. Usually, the modification could include things like folding mirrors and metal seats with leather upholstery, the lockers can have sliding doors instead of hinged ones, and so on. Remember, contemporary design is said to combine the present and future concepts; liven up your room today with Bespoke bedroom furniture from Metro Wardrobes.
  3. Colors and shades; the unwritten rule when it comes to interior designing is that black, white, as well as other bold colors work best for contemporary furniture. For instance, black and white steel kitchen cabinets with low hanging Chandeliers; these are a perfect way to inject a cool and stylish look into the kitchen. Fitted kitchen drawers and racks will also come in handy in completing the new look and feel.
  4. Your individual tastes; do you have any specific ideas of concepts for your modern home in London? This could be determined by your individual tastes and preferences, space of your rooms, and so on. A good thing about shopping for contemporary furniture from a reputable brand like Metro Wardrobes is that you can get the furniture customized to suit your individual tastes. The fact that they have a London store where they manufacture all their contemporary furniture means that you can place your order with the specifics of what you’d want. For instance, in the example of contemporary bedroom furniture, some customers prefer to have sliding doors with glass panes, others opt for highly polished mahogany wood, and so on.  If you’re confused about unsure of what to go for, you can take a few photos of your home or space and share with the bespoke fitted wardrobe dealer you’re buying from. Most have interior designers who’ll suggest the best colors and shades to go for.
  5. The fitting; while some of the contemporary furniture you’ll need for your London home can be bought ready and assembled, others will need to be professionally fitted. Kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes; you’ll have to get a pro who will come and get the correct measurements, then design the components for the wardrobes. This especially applies for bedroom walk in wardrobes or those extending from floor to ceiling. Even for the standalone wardrobes that don’t require fitting, there are times you may need to modify them in order to have them blend with your overall interior design.  Here at Metro Wardrobes, we assemble and manufacture all our furniture in our London store; this makes it very ideal for you to pass by and share with us the specifics of your product. Once we’ve assembled the parts, we can arrange and come fit the components in your bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom in cases of bathroom cabinets.

In summary;

Contemporary furniture is the way to go, get in touch with Metro Wardrobes for all your furniture needs. Our fitted and Bespoke bedrooms wardrobes are unique and stylish; you can never go wrong with us. Come and enjoy our massive discounts of up to 70% off. To crown it all, we’re also offering a free bedside for every order you make from Metro Wardrobes. This offer is valid until October 15th 2018; hurry now and give us call on 02034883477.

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