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Coordinating Mismatched Bedroom Furniture: What’s Your Plan?

Modern interior design has often focused on matching furniture items in a room, a methodology that we all probably agree makes sense logically. But in more recent years, the trend has been to include quirky elements that don’t necessarily match but otherwise complement each other in such a way that the overall effect is pleasant to look at. Indeed, matching bedroom furniture is just one of many options available but it isn’t the only way to make a room feel coordinated.

How to Coordinate Furniture

Mismatched bedroom furniture doesn’t mean that the pieces of furniture don’t work well in the room together, but rather it takes a little effort to achieve the effect required. Knowing how to match furniture goes beyond having everything the same colour and style. On the contrary, the skill lies in knowing how different pieces can be combined and tied together aesthetically despite being very different in style.

Coordinating bedroom furniture doesn’t mean everything needs to match. The wardrobe could potentially be very modern, tall and made of a dark wood. This could be in stark contrast to the bed, which is made of a lighter wood and have a very traditional design. A potential design solution could be to introduce a common colour such as a red that could be the colour of the handles on the wardrobe and the feet of the bed.

Are Matching Bedroom Sets Outdated?

The one thing that is becoming more and more popular is bespoke bedroom sets. This suggests that people are more concerned about finding a solution that is just right for them rather than a bedroom set that has to fit into whatever space there is, leaving wasted space and not being exactly what they want.

This doesn’t suggest that they’re outdated, but rather have a different place in the market. When market conditions change, so does consumer demand and when people are more likely to improve their own property and adapt their space to what they need, it’s naturally going to follow that a bespoke option will be preferable.

How to Make Mismatched Wood Furniture Work

Many people ask if you can mix dark and light wood furniture, and the short answer is ‘yes’. This is because there are other elements of design that allow the two different colours to complement each other. One such design element is shape. Instead of matching bedroom furniture that is the same colour, the pieces could have a distinctive shape. Does bedroom furniture have to match or be the same colour? No. Does it have to complement each other? Yes.

A mismatched bedroom set opens up a greater range of creativity as each piece isn’t restricted in its design.

Mismatched Bedside Tables

Many bedrooms have matching bedside tables, but this may not always be the best practical solution. One person may require more storage for books or a tablet and the other may prefer something more decorative. Having mismatched bedside tables is entirely possible when some thought is put into the way the bedside tables could be made to complement each other. If both tables have completely different shapes, perhaps their feature in common could be colour or even the same accessory such as the handle. Something that marries to two together means the mismatch doesn’t lead to a lack of coordination that just doesn’t look right in the room. This perhaps serves as some relief to couples who ask themselves if they can mix and match nightstands without both being a little disappointed with how the whole room looks.

Mismatching Bedroom Furniture Intentionally

Given that bedroom furniture options are greater now than they have ever been, it’s not unlikely that people will choose to create interesting effects through intentionally mismatching furniture.

When you have full control with bespoke bedroom furniture, anything is possible.