Bespoke Fitted Walk-in Wardrobes: A Dream for Fashion lovers.

Walk-in Wardrobes are luxurious large closets, in which you can physically step into and move around in. For many people who hold an abundance of clothes and accessories, it’s a designated dressing area with plentiful space to store ample amounts of clothing, dresses, shoes and jewellery.

We all tend to believe these majestic closets of wonder belong in the finest or more spacious homes, but not anymore.

Natural Dijon Walnut Walk in Wardrobe

Many people nowadays are incorporating walk-in wardrobes into their homes to allow a little extravagance to their lifestyle. Not only do they look astonishing in appearance, they make good use of space adjoining sufficient value to the property.

If you have adequate space in your bedroom, it is certainly worth installing bespoke fitted walk-in wardrobes. A good suggestion is having a completely open walk-in wardrobe which connects to your room, without any doors in-between. This will allow plenty of light into your dressing area and create a much more lavishing appearance to the bedroom. To add an exceptional touch, you can enhance your walk-in wardrobe with warm LED lighting strips to create a soft and intimate ambience.

walk in wardrobes

Metro Wardrobes can easily turn this fantasy into reality. Here, all our walk-in closets are completely bespoke and fitted with a complete range of storage devices – including hanging rails, shelves, sliding drawers, tie racks, shoe racks, and alcoves. With a limitless variety of colours and styles, we have the best solutions to maximise your storage space for an efficient organisation of your clothes and accessories.

All our panels and fittings originate directly from our highly respected partners in Germany – Egger, XyloCleaf, Hafele and Ostermann.

Bespoke Walk In Wardrobes

We are Masters of bespoke, made-to-measure fitted walk-in wardrobes and have advanced technologies and experienced designers to allow your wardrobes to be built into any attic spaces, sloping ceilings or awkward corners.

Metro Wardrobes are leaders in recognising revolutionary strategies to add new functionality to classic and contemporary walk-in wardrobes. For a selection of sophisticated and elegant walk-in wardrobes, visit our website or showroom for special offers and discounts.

No matter how big of a shopaholic you may be, our London-based fitted furniture company will custom design and build the perfect walk-in wardrobe to cater for your fashion desires.