hi gloss contemporary fitted bedroom with tv unit

What to consider before getting your perfect fitted furniture?

Metro Wardrobes have been working in the industry for long enough to know that choosing bespoke, fitted furniture is an important decision for our customers – after all, we build it to last – and one that can completely change the look of their home. Since you are here, we suppose you are also looking for a unique design for your space, so have a look at some tips and points you might want to consider before choosing your fitted furniture.

    1. First of all, look at the available space in your home and try to imagine where you would like to have your bespoke furniture fitted: where it would look best or where would it be the most practical and useful for you. Consider your room’s layout, windows, doors and possible changes to it that you might want to make in future.
    1. Think about your favourite colours: try to choose the ones that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in your home, the ones that will impress you every time you look at your room or the ones that you will never be bored with.
    1. Consider whether you prefer your space to be contemporary or traditional. Imagine yourself in a room with modern shapes and high gloss finishes – does it sound good to you? Or would you rather have a traditional design with wooden cupboards in your home? Is it sliding doors that you would like to have or do you find hinged doors classier? The decision is yours.
    1. Try to estimate your storage requirement: is it long hanging space that you need or double hanging? Would you like to have a set of useful, deep drawers or would you rather have shelves? Would you like to equip your furniture with some of the best quality, handy accessories like pull out shoe racks, pull out mirrors or lighting solutions? With Metro Wardrobes everything is possible.
  1. Do not worry! We are here to help you: just give us some of your ideas and after measuring your space, we will come up with best solutions for you and we will talk you through the whole process. Short of ideas? Do not worry – our team will help you design your ideal, made to measure furniture. And remember: at Metro Wardrobes the word “impossible” does not exist!