How Can A Fitted Furniture Supplier Save Your Time

Fitted furniture is good for any of the rooms in your home as it helps to save space and customize furniture to your preferred style and needs.

Take your time and research on different fitted furniture suppliers before you pick one. This will help you to narrow down the supplier that understands your needs, the time you have the said work and the budget you have

Fitted-Furniture-Supplier-Metro-WardrobesBenefits of a fitted furniture supplier

  • The supplier will do the measurements for you and that will save you the trouble of doing the measurements yourself especially if you have a busy schedule or are not very good at doing it. They take less than an hour to do this.
  • A trained supplier will also understand your requirements, saving you the trouble of doing a lot of research; they will be able to grasp your visual vision and advice you accordingly
  • After your consultation, it usually takes a week for the supplier to present you with designs that suit your needs. They will make as many designs as you need till you approve the best option for you
  • Fitted furniture suppliers like Metro Wardrobes have a showroom that you can visit and pick out the type of furniture you prefer. This is not usually compulsory but it also helps you save even more time that would have been used on creating custom designs.
  • They also offer the service of fitting the furniture after it is assembled, saving you the time to fit in the furniture yourself.
  • Fitted furniture suppliers help in making your life easier; for example, if you tell them that you are looking to achieve a certain feel or theme, or are looking for neatness in the room, the supplier will know that they need to make more storage spaces. In other words, their professionalism enables them to offer solutions you’d ordinarily struggle to figure out.

Fitted furniture for different rooms in the home

Next, it’s now time to create briefs for each specific room with the specific requirements

  • In the brief, use as detailed information as possible with pictures. Ensure that you also have specific materials you would like to use as the type of wood and finishing.
  • It is also essential to know all the payment terms and conditions for the work to be done. This will help you to put money aside after paying the deposit for the final payment. Fortunately, with a fitted supplier, you won’t have to pay for small supplies because after consultation they will know all the requirements and combine it all to one bill with receipts.
  • With a fitted furniture supplier, you will also have a schedule as to when the work will be done so as to plan your daily routine and work around that.

A few types of fitted furniture to add to your home

Different rooms of the house have different requirements and ways to customize the furniture. Here are a few ideas although it is also important to do your own research in order to get the best-fitted furniture for your needs.


  • By adding wardrobes to your bedroom, you get more storage space.
  • Children’s rooms can be customized to ensure that wardrobes, chests of drawers are safe and child-friendly.
  • Added fitted furniture can modernize a room, adding a sleek effect due to the ability to hide drawers and paint them.

Home offices;

  • Small corners can also be transformed and changed into tiny workspaces or rooms to place accessories or electric equipment like laptops.
  • The home office furniture can be made to blend in with the rest of the house.
  • Suited doors and windows can be made in a way to keep the office from the view of visitors and guests.
  • Fitted furniture can also make bookshelves into doorways into other parts of the room.

Living rooms;

  • This allows you to place items such as the TV, cabinets to your preferred heights with the fitted stands and furniture
  • The living room arrangement is fitted to the size of your room with sizeable furniture.
  • Addition of customized furniture that can be used to place remote controls or drinks next to your seat


  • Additional of fitted cabinets would allow you to add high cabinets that would be unreachable to for children.
  • Customized chairs can also be added, just in case you have many guests or children around.

Dressing room;

  • Fitted furniture can be used to make drawers which help in organizing shoes, clothes, and bags.
  • Additional furniture can make a dressing table that can be used to apply and organize make-up or jewelry.
  • With fitted furniture, you can also add more mirrors to the room which also modernize the room and make it more chic.

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