Walk-In Wardrobes Ideas For Small Rooms By Metro Wardrobes

A bedroom without a closet is like, well, a nightmare? It gets even worse when the bedroom is small and squeezed. A small room often means a small living space. But this doesn’t mean that you scale down your love for fashion and nice things; nice things like the ability to neatly arrange your shoes, clothes, and other items in your bedroom.

Gone are the days when Walk-In wardrobes were the preserve of mansions and vast bungalows. Today, a Walk-In wardrobe is the surest way of bringing luxury, style, orderliness, and functionality to your small room without having to dig so deep into your pocket. Our Metro Walk-In wardrobes are a must have regardless of whether you’re working with small space or vast space.

The walk-in wardrobes are like small rooms within the main room; complete with high quality drawers, doors, accessories, superb finishing, fancy lighting, and so on. And to crown it all, you can get the Walk-In closet personalized to suit your individual needs and preferences! Metro Wardrobes consider themselves as leaders and pace setters when it comes to the personalization and design of Walk-In closets that suit small rooms and spaces.

Features of Walk-In Wardrobes you should take note of;

  • Personalizing your Walk-In closet design helps you own the space, you make it truly yours. We achieve this by first and foremost listening and understanding your preferences and needs. Only then are we able to insert those very crucial jewelry drawers, glass shelves and other decorative hardware, or even shoe shelves.
  • The use of adjustable drawers and shelves and hampers are a smart way of saving space. Remember we’re working with limited space in a small room, right? Multiple hanging areas within the closet means you can hang more around a small area.
  • The third unique feature in a good Walk-In closet has to do with style. Like we mentioned, the fact that you’re working with a small space doesn’t mean you should scale back on your love or fashion and style. On that note, we can personalize your Walk-In closet with deep drawers so as to create space for a center island. Alternatively, a center island is a great way to inject a homely feeling in your Walk-In wardrobe.
  • What about lighting, do you know what lighting can and does do to small spaces? Generally, good lighting helps make a small space appear larger than it would in dull light. In the Walk-In closet scenario, we use lighting in our Walk-In wardrobes to help enhance the functionality and aesthetic value of the design. Lighted shoe closets, spotlights on the display shelves, or fancy LED lighting in your jewelry drawer; all these are lighting ideas that are cleverly combined to make the most out of a Walk-In closet.

What Determines The Kind Of Walk-In Wardrobe To Suit You;

walk-in-wardrobes-ideasThe fact that you’re working with a small room doesn’t necessarily mean that what works for one person will work for you. In other words, take into account your individual needs and preferences; what’s the shape of your room? What are your storage needs; do you live alone or have a spouse, kids, and so on? Walk-In closets are highly customizable and your individual needs and preferences will be the key determinants.

The shape of your room; generally, rooms tend to fall into either U shapes, L shapes, or just straight shapes. Similarly, these are the three shapes that Walk-In closets are likely to take. An L shaped closet uses two walls in the room, and leaves some free space for you to move around.  A U shaped Walk-In closet will occupy 3 walls hence offering more storage space (think about it). Straight walk-in closets are more flexible and work great with small rooms; you utilize all sides of the walls for maximum storage.

Storage needs and preferences; your storage needs will determine not just the kind of storage options to go for, but also the design and style of these options. Multiple hanging rods and rails, numerous drawers and shelves; these help you maximize on your storage space options. Besides, you’re able to keep your items well organized, free from dust. Nothing looks as neat and presentable than nicely designed drawers, cabinets, shelves and hanging spaces; makes your space look uncluttered.

walk-in-wardrobes-from-metro-wardrobesInnovative accessories; the beauty of our Metro Wardrobe Walk-In closets is that you can take inspiration from anywhere, and we’ll incorporate that in the design. The hot, aesthetically appealing designs you see in fashion designs; we can replicate them in the closet’s accessories. These include racks, Mannequins, retail jewelry displays, floating boxes/ledges, and open bookcases.

Still not convinced that your small room can accommodate the Walk-In wardrobe of your dream?

Still in doubt, thinking that moving to a different house with larger rooms is the solution? Well, not so fast. Here at Metro Wardrobes, there are some quick and easy tips that we like sharing with customers who’re working with small spaces/rooms.

Long before we design and fit your closet of preference, there are small steps you can take to help create more space in the small room;

  1. De clutter your space, get rid of clothes, shoes, and other items you no longer use/need in your room. These can be conveniently moved to a donation bag so as to free up space.
  2. A bedroom closet doesn’t have to be the beast of burden that carries all your items and belongings. This is especially so when you have a small bedroom. It’s okay moving some of your items (clothes, shoes, etc) to the guest bedroom’s wardrobe, hallway wardrobe, and so on.
  3. Be clever, be creative. A good, professional wardrobe manufacturer can make use of adjustable, foldable drawers and sliding doors. Sliding doors are the perfect choice for small bedrooms because unlike hinged doors, you don’t need that much space for the doors to open.
  4. Hangers or drawers? Items that are foldable like towels and bed sheets are best stored in drawers. However, suits, dresses and other clothes that can get easily creased can be put on hangers.  Boxes and shelves can take in your shoes and other small, odd items.
  5. Colors can make or break the overall interior décor of a room. For small and squeezed rooms, bright colors will be more recommendable to dull ones. White never disappoints; painting the walls white makes the space look larger, plus white fits in with almost any other color; whether for your bedding, curtains, or the color and finish of your bedroom furniture.

10 Walk-in wardrobe design ideas for small rooms;

Metro Wardrobes are more than wardrobe designers; we’re pacesetters! We imagine it, we conceive it, and we draft it, and then design it! We have tens of different design ideas for your Walk-In closet regardless of whether you have a small room, or a very vast one. You see, the thing with interior designing in general is that you should never be afraid of combining old techniques and new techniques. Blending functionality with stylishness.

Have a look below at 10 fantastic design ideas that you should try out for a Walk-In closet when working with a small room;

  1. Boutique closet; this is a simple but detailed floor to ceiling closet that utilizes every inch of your space. It has slab drawer fronts that bring in a modern feel without taking away the simplicity of the wardrobe. You can crown this blend of modernity and simplicity by going for a classic white color; white brings in a clean and modern feeling in the room. The poles and rails used to hang clothes are made of matte aluminum. Depending on your taste, you can opt for the adjustable shelves (great way to maximize your storage options). This closet’s minimalist design is a great way to combine functionality and elegance into your small room. For more details on our Boutique Closet design and ideas, kindly check out here.
  2. Sophisticated couples Walk-In closet; it’s spacious, it has a classic finish, and yes, it’s even romantic! It’s refined, it’s inviting, and luxurious too. The LED lighting helps illuminate your space in individual shelves and drawers. You can also add in some kick lights and cubby lights to complete the luxurious feel.  There’s a black-painted glass countertop, with a bronze gloss finish. And that’s not all; the shoe shelves are angled, with specially designed bronze the closet a very elegant, classic, and luxurious feel. Most interior designers find it ideal for a couple or partners looking to make the most out of their small space, without sacrificing their love for fashion and style.
  3. Toronto Master; looking for something more masculine, with solid European roots? Then you’ll like this design, it comes with a Roman walnut finish that gives it the ultimate masculine look and feel. Handles and hanging rails are made of high quality nickel, with fancy puck lighting used to create a soft glow. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can have the front drawers created in an outward manner, so that they create a more seamless appearance.  The Toronto Master Design style belongs to a popular category known as ‘European Inspired Virtuoso’; characterized by a modern, stylish feel and appearance. If you’re looking to design a personalized Walk-In wardrobe for your teenage son, or you are a bachelor looking for a design that has traces of masculinity in it, this is the design for you.
  4. Lee Master Walk-In Closet; are you strict and specific on your organization? The Lee Master Walk-In Closet from Metro Wardrobes has a unique built in center island and a superior design that offers you unrivaled organization options. Thanks to a modernized slab door and drawers, Lee Master will stand out in your small room and inject style and fashion without gulping up the entire space. Needless to say, Puck lighting will come in handy when you want to illuminate your space.  This is one of the few designs that have acrylic shelf dividers to ensure that your items are all well organized and secured. The seemingly simple pallete can be personalized by adding bronze hardware. Besides, you have the options of adding glass shelves so as to help display and illuminate your accessories better, more easily. And to crown it all, you have the coordinating countertops that help create the perfect seamless appearance, and a bronze belt tie/valets to help secure your accessories.
  5. Parker Walk-In; this design is somewhat feminine and very ideal if you have plenty of handbags and shoe collections you want to arrange neatly. It’s chic, it’s timeless, and has a unique textural finish and displays that highlight everything a lady would want in her Walk-In closet. When it comes to the stylishness of this design, you’ll find the Modern miter doors quite outstanding, as well as the conspicuous drawer styles. The drawers are made of aluminum and Silver insterts.  Most of the decorative hardware in this design comes from bronze; you can even get the faulted poles designed to match with the bench seat. The Parker Walk-In closet has a Lago Adriatic Mist finish. Talk to Metro Wardrobes today for enquiries on the different designs available this festive season.
  6. Stella Walk-In; this is another popular design for fashion girls and ladies looking for unparalleled artistry and functionality. The closet offers total storage solutions and organizational features. Often available in Bellissima white, this unit has a crisp and modern appearance that doesn’t fade or wane easily. The aluminum sliding doors are a godsend especially if your space is small; they take as minimal space as you can imagine. Alternatively, you can opt for glass doors that also double up as your dressing mirror when the doors are closed. Matte aluminum poles and black painted glass are cleverly blended to create the perfect shades of contrast and texture. Ever heard of balance as a quality/necessity of interior design? This design achieves balance by using an asymmetrical design and a standard height pole that hangs from top to bottom in the very middle of the closet. Which is why we started by saying that this design is the epitome of artistry.
  7. Celebrity Walk-in; Like the name suggests, this is an ideal choice if you always dream of storing and organizing your items like a celebrity; tens of shoes neatly arranged on shelves, a special shelve for your expensive perfumes, fancy LED lighting,  and so much more.  The LED lighting in particular creates a boutique like feel and look. Available in glamorous white color and with a black glass countertop, the Celebrity Walk-In has the perfect modern look. Looking for the perfect space to store your designer shoes, however numerous they may be? There’s a specially designed polished chrome fence for holding your shoes in place. This wardrobe design was actually designed for Tiffani Thiessen, a popular 70s and 80s Hollywood actress; it has multiple drawers all cleverly inserted to create a very polished look. We can help design something similar for you; again, feel free to contact us today for the latest designs we have on the Celebrity Walk-In closets for your small room.
  8. Garden Closet; Kiwi green closet and drawer doors, Bellisima white drawers, and glass shelve displays; this style combines different tastes and styles into one very outstanding Walk-In wardrobe. It’s ideal when you are working with a small, irregularly shaped space (think of an L or U shape). The fact that this type of design helps utilize odd space makes it quite recommendable for small rooms. The flip up doors help maximize on space and accessibility of your items. There are also multiple hanging poles, enabling you to hang anything from your long trench coats, to hats, belts, ties and bow ties. The top shelf has a tiered height in order to accommodate irregular ceiling shapes/heights. Nature lovers or those with their rooms next to a window that offers a nice view of your garden; this kind of wardrobe will fit in perfectly for such a scenario.
  9. Richmond Luxury; this is anther European inspired virtuoso design that helps create a minimalistic and modern feel to your space. It has aluminum sliding doors and bronze mirror insterts to help conceal your items. Texture and contrast are achieved by using wired bronze drawers and aluminum poles. The palette is dark colored and in order to inject the perfect light accents, puck lighting is used. Richmond Luxury design is unisex, it can be personalized to reflect either a masculine feel or a feminine one; you just need to get a good professional who’ll incorporate your individual tastes and preferences. This design is relatively easy to design and install; here at Metro Wardrobes we can get this ready in 7 to 14 days, depending on the features you’ll want us to include.
  10. Fashionista Walk-In Wardrobes; last on the list is this uniquely designed unit that creates a boutique like feel right in your bedroom. The doors are made from matte aluminum while the inserts are made from clear glass; a perfect way to display your shoes, and other accessories. Here, Fashion and functionality are cleverly blended to create an outstanding modern closet, one that’s highly customizable. The shoe storage area is sufficiently lighted; the overall lighting is similar to what you’d find in a modern boutique. There are also fancy double built in chests that have drawers and pull out baskets. These baskets and extra hampers add more concealed storage space. LED lighting isn’t just fancy; it also helps you save on energy costs.  Indeed this is the Fashionsta’s wardrobe of choice, from the design to the functionality, to the uniqueness and luxuriousness it brings along.
Why Metro Wardrobes?

Over the last couple of years, Metro Wardrobes has distinguished itself as a leading and reputable furniture dealer here in London. We design and assemble all our wardrobe units in our London factory. You can rest assured that you get nothing but high quality wardrobe units. We pride ourselves of having top interior designers and furniture designers who can customize and personalize any Walk-In wardrobe to make it fit into your bedroom regardless of the size. Anytime you’re buying or purchasing from Metro Wardrobes, always know that;

  • We give you a 10 Year Guarantee of warranty for our fitted wardrobes. This is a clear testimony of the total confidence we have in our furniture, and the high quality materials used to make them. The workmanship is also top notch; we can design any type of Walk-In wardrobe to suit your individual tastes and preferences.
  • Like aforementioned, all our wardrobe units are designed and assembled in our London factory. You’re most welcome to pass by any time and place your order or have all your queries answered. Once we’ve agreed on the design, it takes us just about 14 days to get the wardrobe ready for fitting. We’ll walk with you the entire journey, from the measurement making to consulting you during the design process, to ensuring that we’ve professionally fitted the Walk-In wardrobe of your choice.
  • In this digital age, Metro Wardrobes hasn’t been left behind; feel free to share with us photos of your small space and we’ll be glad to advice you on the best design of a Walk-In closet to go for. Our professional interior designers will offer you free professional consultations and advice. If you like, we also give you a free, no obligation quote on phone to give you an idea of what it’ll cost you.

For more details and advice on Walk-In wardrobe ideas for small rooms, get in touch with our customer care team at 0203 488 3347. Our sales representatives are warm and courteous; they’ll listen to you keenly and suggest a free appointment in our London factory. We’re located in Hallmark Trading Est, Fourth Way, Wembley, London.  Our prices are also very competitive and we’re offering handsome discounts this festive season.

Enjoy hefty discounts when you shop for your Walk In wardrobes from Metro Wardrobes.

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