What are Fitted Wardrobes?

The importance of a wardrobe to a bedroom cannot be overstated. Gone are the days when little attention was paid to the ergonomics and design of a wardrobe. Wardrobes these days have evolved to a great extent and contribute significantly to a bedroom’s overall appearance. However, all said and done, a wardrobe’s aesthetic appeal can never take a backseat to its primary function, i.e. storage. As such, a perfect wardrobe is one that amalgamates a pleasing design with impressive storage capability.

That is exactly what fitted wardrobes do. Contrary to freestanding ones, fitted wardrobes adhere to the physical peculiarities of your bedroom. They blend right in with those odd spaces and contours that are present in most bedrooms. And the best part is, you have more free storage space to play with!

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Contemporary Silver Set Bedroom

Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes provide you with an amazing level of flexibility. For instance, conventional wardrobes are made without accounting for the presence of awkward spaces.They include stage intrusions, eaves, and even chimney breasts. There have been countless home improvement studies pointing out the obvious benefits of going in for fitted wardrobes instead of freestanding ones. Conventionally speaking, most people who shift from freestanding wardrobes to fitted wardrobes report an average increase of 40-50% in overall storage space.

While functionality is arguably the biggest advantage with fitted wardrobes, it is commonly misunderstood that they lag behind freestanding wardrobes when it comes to looks and overall aesthetics.

As far as design appeal is concerned, fitted wardrobes score higher compared to their freestanding counterparts. Door options like sliding, pivot and bi-fold and wardrobe designs like two-door or wall-wall executives add to your choice greatly. You can also have your fitted wardrobes in fabulous colours like coffee, chocolate, caramel, pine and many other combinations.

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Corner Wardrobe & Drawers

Cost of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes, by their very nature, differ from space to space. This also applies to their price. For larger rooms, you’ll need larger fitted furniture which directly impacts the final cost. Price escalations though aren’t restricted to the room size only. Fitted wardrobes without any embellishments and simple designs are much cheaper compared to their more extravagant counterparts.

All things considered, you can expect to buy a well-made three section fitted wardrobe for a price ranging from the early £2,000s to the late £5,000s. Be prepared to pay more for high quality finishes, designer fittings and add-ons like mirror fronted sliding doors among others.

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Fitted Drawer Dividers

Features of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes, without doubt, turn out more expensive than freestanding ones. But where they turn out a better choice is the convenience factor. While freestanding ones cost lesser, they have negatives like disturbing the look of your room and wasting vital storage space.

A fitted wardrobe has none of those drawbacks. It blends with your room in a way that no freestanding furniture can hope to emulate and most importantly, treats every inch of space like a drop of water in a desert.

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Two Door Wardrobes

At Metro Wardrobes, you’ll find an amazing set of fitted wardrobes that offer the best of both worlds, i.e. more storage space and highly stylish designs. You can also leave it to us to install your new fitted wardrobe as our skilled personnel come with years of experience behind them.