Why you need fitted wardrobes from us?

Bespoke-Fitted-WardrobesIn today’s modern home, space is one of the most important things to consider before moving in. Having fitted bespoke wardrobes, whether in the kitchen, bedroom or sitting room, help you maximize on the space. In order to have your home looking sharp and glamorous, you will need services from Metro Wardrobes. Some of the many reasons why one should fit inbuilt wardrobes in their home are because of the overall appearance, flexibility, and space.

At Metro Wardrobes, we are experts at fitting wardrobes in unused spaces to create more room for your storage needs. We are the real pros with many years of experience doing this.

Reasons for getting fitted wardrobes

  1. Design; Metro Wardrobes offers you different designs to pick from, thanks to the fact that we’ve partnered with some of the respected furniture brands in the market. You, as a customer, will have a variety of designs to choose from that go well with the color and shape of your home. Unlike mobile wardrobes, you will have the pleasure of choosing what you like for your home starting with the color, shape, size, and material.
  2. Space; when one is moving into a new home, whether it’s after buying or renting, they always look at the space available and how they will use it up. Where will you place all the utensils you have? And what about your clothes and shoes? Depending on the size of the house, there are ways you can play around to getting more space. Count on us to help advice and recommend where to fit the wardrobes and how you can use up space that was unoccupied to your convenience; like under the staircases, in the garage, and so on. Depending on your budget, we will advise on the best material and size of the wardrobe to fit in.
  3. Durability; you might think investing in a wardrobe is a waste of time but it is not! Metro Wardrobes are made from the best, high quality products. The customer has a variety to choose from, for instance, high gloss painted wardrobes, spray painted traditional wardrobes, PVC foil MDF board wardrobes, hinged door fitted wardrobes, unstandardized shape or wall to wall fitted wardrobe, among others. These materials last for 10 years or even more. We all like spending less, it’s human nature, right? Therefore, spending a good amount of money on something that will last you for more years to come is worth it.
  4. Affordability; the amount you will spend depends on the type of wardrobe you choose to fit in your house. People have different tastes and lifestyle. At Metro Wardrobes, we offer a variety of choices for our clients. Whatever you desire, we deliver at your convenience. Our wardrobes have a delightful design and appearance that is luxurious.
  5. Order and tidiness; Wardrobes bring an element of orderliness in the house. They can be fitted in the bedroom or kitchen, bathrooms, basically anywhere around the house to play different storage roles. Inbuilt shoe closets are a fine example to add to a home. Having dirty shoes lying all around the house is a sign of untidiness. In the kitchen, your utensils can be well arranged in wardrobes and make the place look even neater. With this, you will have ample space to work with. Simplicity goes a long way to a home and at Metro Wardrobes we tend to offer that and more to our clients.
  6. Practicability; our Wardrobes are not just suitable for homes but also in office spaces, classrooms and other rooms. You can design a small place with built in wardrobes and make it stand out. The main reason for investing in built in wardrobes is to create order, beauty, and space.
  7. Aesthetics; most interior decorators recommend fitted wardrobes on most parts of the rooms. They bring out the aesthetic value of a home by blending in the color with the design of the house. At Metro wardrobes, we offer free consultations on where to fit the wardrobes in your unused space and which brand would best suit your home. With over decades of experience manufacturing furniture, you can always count on our professional advice and estimations.


Do not be stressed out on how you will design your office, your home, and even a regular classroom as we’re the real pros for such.

Metro Wardrobes has a modern showroom where you can view all the latest furniture pieces we’re selling, you also get to place your order directly to our team. We can deliver our furniture to any part of the UK. We use nothing but the finest materials that last for years. Client satisfaction is the first and most important priority to us as a company and we seek to make our clients happy with the services we offer. Find time and visit our London showroom any day for more insight on our services. You can also give us a call and our customer care team will be glad to engage you.

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