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Fitted Wardrobes

A leading manufacturer of fitted wardrobes in the UK, Metro Wardrobes sells more than just furniture products. Instead, we offer wholesome solutions for all your bespoke fitted wardrobes needs. Our product range includes a variety of competitively priced solutions for bedrooms and kitchens apart from a beautiful collection of fitted wardrobes in sliding door and walk-in styles. Visit our state-of-the-art showroom and get great deals and offers on fitted wardrobes and other bespoke furniture. And last but not least, we also offer a free designer visit.

Fitted Bedrooms

Straddling a diverse set of styles including contemporary, modern, futuristic, and classic is a bouquet of beautiful yet highly functional fitted bedroom designs from Metro Wardrobes. Our range of bespoke bedroom furniture spans drawer chests, bedside and dressing tables, sliding wardrobes, bed headboards, and designer mirrors. Complementing these products is a highly personalised experience whereby you decide upon the finish, design elements and luxurious fittings going into them. The end result is a bedroom that is an extension of your personality.

Fitted Sliding Wardrobes

Are you looking to add a dash of glamour to your bedroom’s storage capabilities? Our sliding wardrobes are just what you need. Designed to make valid every inch of space from floor to ceiling, these sliding doors feature stunning craftsmanship that ornament any bedroom they’re fitted into. A must for small sized bedrooms, contemporary sliding wardrobes do complete justice to every square inch of storage space. Choose from our sliding door designs before adding your preferred colours, finishes, textures, and exquisite fittings.

Fitted Kitchens

Arguably amongst the most personal spaces in your home, we believe your kitchen deserves something special. Which is why we offer a wide range of natural woods to add to the warmth of your kitchen while ensuring a long life for its storage spaces. Further aiding you are a variety of modern appliances and smart solutions. Whether it’s a traditional country or a new-age apartment kitchen, our design team ensures these elements fit-in seamlessly.

Fitted Home Office Furniture

Recreate the productive air of a workplace right at home with our collection of home office furniture. With an emphasis on practicality above all else, our home office range offers features with the sole intent of making you feel at ease, thereby accentuating productivity. Drawers built to your needs, chairs suiting your posture, and desks designed to maximize ergonomics are just some examples of our efforts in creating the perfect working space for you. With Metro Wardrobes home office range, take your productivity to new heights.

Metro Wardrobes – Bespoke Fitted Furniture Manufacturer

Attractive, Unique, High Quality, Top Class Service

That is pretty much the gist of what we, at Metro Wardrobes, stand for. But those are not just by words. Instead, they lie at the very heart of what customers have come to expect of us over the years. Our range of fitted wardrobes and furniture is renowned not only for its wide choice of designs but also the highly competitive price tag it carries and the quality customer service backing it.

Based in London, Metro Wardrobes is a leading fitted wardrobes company with a market presence throughout much of the UK. In our decade-long existence, we have grown from a small company selling a limited set of fitted furniture to one that specializes in personalized bedroom designs, kitchen layouts, sliding doors, wardrobes, and home office furniture.

Among our signature offerings is a designer visit whereby, we send in a skilled and talented designer to evaluate the nuances of your home while understanding your needs. What follows is a lot of information, visualisation and deliberation, at the end of which, we develop a firm insight on what kind of fitted furniture serves you best. The entire process, from a designer visit to the furniture installation, is completed within two weeks.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes is all about precision, something that we’ve mastered by sourcing German-made CNC machinery. Our 10 Year guarantee is testament to the quality of our products. Manning the machinery and all installation and service tasks are personnel trained to industry standards. Count on us to provide you with prompt and thorough service.

The end result is furniture that fits a given space right down to the last millimetre. At Metro Wardrobes, we believe your space commands a premium and as such, every millimetre is accounted for.

Begin your journey with us today by booking a designer visit. We are available on 07944554724. And yes, it’s completely FREE!

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