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Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

The Journey from Unsightly to Beautiful with Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Fitted Loft Wardrobe in Natural Halifax Oak
Fitted Loft Wardrobe in Natural Halifax Oak

Fitted bedroom wardrobes have become the go-to choice for people who are looking to increase the storage space in their bedrooms. These wardrobes are reasonably priced and offer a lot of customisation options in areas like the choice of material, type of finish, the range of accessories and most importantly, the interior storage layout.

A high gloss finish wardrobe looks significantly brighter and bolder compared to a low-gloss or regular finish wardrobe in the same tone. This helps in multiple ways. For instance, the high sheen finish reflects a lot of light. In a bedroom, this creates the effect of a large and airy room. Moreover, with high gloss finish you can safely choose dark tones like dark brown, blue, and purple. But if you opt for a dark tone with a regular or matte finish, it will absorb a notable amount of ambient light which makes the room look smaller and darker. Of all places, you definitely don’t want your bedroom to look and feel like that

That said, fitted bedroom wardrobes do play another role that is likely to be appreciated by people whose bedrooms are full of awkward places and shapes.

What are these awkward spaces?

Ungainly lofts, sharply sloped ceilings, and undefinably shaped corners are some simple examples of awkward spaces in bedrooms. Now these are more common than most people would like to believe. Heck, a five-minute examination of your own bedroom can lead to some unpleasant surprises.

These awkward spaces do not look like a problem at the outset but come the time for designing or planning a storage layout and you are left with very little usable space to work with.

How do fitted bedroom wardrobes help?

The only sure shot way of overcoming and covering up such awkward spaces or spots is to plan your storage layout well. And by well, we mean getting an interior designer to get it done for you. This is a job for the experts and doubly so since we are talking about awkward bedroom spaces here.

The single most effective solution in a designer’s arsenal to combat such annoyances is a fitted bedroom design. To understand this better, let’s consider a couple of examples of ungainly bedroom spaces.

● Problematic alcoves & spaces – Now usually, alcoves and chimney breasts are wonderful additions to any house. But it’s anything but wonderful when you search for furniture that fits such a house. Freestanding wardrobes are not a good idea at all as they are terrible at making optimum use of available space.

● Sharply sloped ceilings & loft spaces – A common irritant is finding the right furniture for bedrooms with sloped ceilings. Similarly, owners of smaller houses often have no resort except converting the loft into a bedroom, thereby losing out on a large amount of storage space.

Each of these issues can be solved perfectly with fitted bedroom wardrobes. Designing a floor-to-ceiling custom wardrobe is a proven way of coping with alcoves and other awkward spaces.

This design not only helps cover up the bedroom’s flaws but also gives you extra storage space. So what is cringe inducing empty space with freestanding wardrobes becomes fine-looking storage space with fitted wardrobes.

A similar customised solution works for sloped ceilings and lofts in small houses, which means you can build a loft wardrobe into sloped ceilings and low attics. For sloped ceiling fitted wardrobes, pick from a range of hanging rails featuring pull down rails to help access your clothes effortlessly. To regular clothing rails, add storage solutions like shelves, pull-out racks, and soft-close drawers. These achieve the twin objectives of covering up your bedroom’s flaws while also enabling better utilisation of storage space.

Fitted bedroom wardrobes also offers hinged door wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes depending upon customer choice. These days wardrobes over bed, bedside tables, bedside cabinets, shelving units, chest of drawers, dressing tables and bed headboards are common fitted wardrobes in bedrooms.

To learn more about them, you can browse through our collection of fitted bedroom wardrobes that are designed to convert awkward bedroom spaces into beautiful and space-efficient storage solutions.

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