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Sliding Wardrobe Prices– What do you get for your money?

Sliding Wardrobe Prices– What do you get for your money?

Sliding door wardrobes have found a lot of popularity with people looking for a spacious yet stylish storage solution for their bedrooms. Sure, fitted wardrobes with normal hinged doors cost less while conventional freestanding ones hardly make a dent in your wallet. Pay more for sliding door wardrobes but in the bargain, you get yourself a wardrobe that complements your bedroom’s appearance, is finished to your taste and provides a lot of storage space without being obtrusive.

They’re not as expensive as You’d Like to Think

There is a certain assumption that sliding door wardrobes are on the expensive side and don’t really offer great value for money compared to hinged door fitted wardrobes. That’s not true.

The cost of a basic sliding wardrobe with doors sporting a matte finish in your desired colour is comparable to its hinged door counterpart. This means a starting price point of around £1,000. However, this should be considered as rough estimate only as with fitted wardrobes, there are other variables like the size of your bedroom, your choice of design and materials, and of course, the cost of installation. These variables can either push up or pull down your sliding door wardrobe budget by a few hundred pounds.

Ballpark Cost of Sliding Door Wardrobes

The aforementioned £1,000 wardrobe though will have its share of shortcomings like a standard wood finish and no attractive accessories to speak of. At the higher end though, which is around the £5,000 mark, you can expect all bells and whistles like premium finish, beautiful accessories and innovative storage design.

Keeping that in mind, the average budget for a two or three section sliding wardrobe should be around £1,700 to £3,200.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost

Certain makers offer sliding door wardrobe cost estimates by the door. So for the material, design, accessories and finish you choose, you’ll be quoted a price per door. So if you want a three door unit, pay three times the quoted amount and you’re done. Also, these estimates usually leave out labour charges and taxes.

Conventionally speaking, most people who shift from freestanding wardrobes to fitted wardrobes report an average increase of 40-50% in overall storage space.

Speaking of labour, it’s another aspect you need to account for when deciding on a new sliding door wardrobe. Installers tend to charge either by the hour or by the square foot. For the latter, it’s usually between £120 and £200.

Another choice is to source the entire thing from a single supplier, where the cost of installation is included in the estimate and the installation itself is done by trained industry professionals.

And hey, if you’re still wondering, Metro Wardrobes does exactly that!

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