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A seamless design with Handle less doors wrapped in the vinyl finish

Available Colors:

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Fitted Furniture Collection by Metro

Here at Metro Wardrobe we specialise in fitted furniture and home furnishings. We have a wide collection of fitted wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, home office and living space furniture.

We have a fully automated factory developed using modern technology. Investing in our smart factory has allowed us to be more efficient, therefore reducing our production time significantly. Manufacturing is a very important aspect of the production process, that's why over the years, we have trialled and tested multiple suppliers to make sure we collaborate with the absolute best in the country.

Most of our team members come from an interior design, manufacturing, and engineering background and have impressive knowledge of the newest trends, product launches, international fares and studio exhibitions.

Our entire process, from your initial inquiry to fitting your custom wardrobe, is extremely seamless and easy. Give us a call, we’ll take care of the rest.