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Built-in Wardrobes with Dressing Table Installation in Erith

A bedroom needs to be a place of serenity, relaxation and tranquillity - not of clutter and chaos. With that being said, you don’t need to compromise on style and beauty. Furniture should work for a room, not just be in it. That’s where bespoke, made to measure, fitted furniture comes in - all made in our London workshop.  

The Project 

For this Erith installation, the customer wanted to fully utilise the space available to them, whilst working around the existing window and radiator fittings. The winning combination of bespoke, made to measure wardrobe storage and a stunning built-in dressing table was crafted to suit the customer’s needs. This meant there was no need for them to compromise between style and storage.  

Our solution 

The interior of these wardrobes features generous hanging space, shelving, shoe racks and internal drawers. To maximise the remaining space, the wardrobe also features a pull-out hanging rail. The additional storage in the built-in fitted dressing table means that all the customer’s storage needs are fulfilled, from clothing and shoes to make-up and accessories. The built-in Erith wardrobe measures at 3 x 2.6m with a depth of 0.6m, giving it a total capacity of over 4.5 cubic metres.  

As with all of our bespoke wardrobes in London, they can be customised to suit your needs. Customisation options for this wardrobe include changing the finish, adding a modern door frame with LED lighting, or adding glass to the doors. The customer also has the option of choosing a colour for the bespoke wardrobe, including Stone Grey, Cashmere Gray, Royal White, Dust Grey, and many more.  

Wardrobe Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 3000 mm (doors), 2600 mm (height), 600 mm (depth). 
  • Internals: Shelves and hanging spaces; internal drawers; shoe racks. 
  • Internal, External Frame, and Door Colour: Light Grey 
  • Handles: Silver Profile Handles 
  • Available Colours: Stone Grey, Cashmere Gray, Royal White, Dust Grey, and many more.  



Find the right bespoke wardrobe for you

At Metro Wardrobes, we are proud to provide premium quality, long-lasting wardrobes, with a quick turnaround - all whilst being bespoke to you and your home. All wardrobe installations are customised to you, come with a 10-year product guarantee and will be fitted within 21 days of your order.  

To find out more, book a free home design visit, download our brochure, or visit the London-based showroom to see for yourself.

Metro Wardrobe specialises in fitted furniture and home furnishings. We are a one-stop solution for your interior needs. As an established company, we have evolved from solely providing bespoke-fitted furniture to giving our clients a complete experience from concept to completion. Our success in delivering high-quality furniture over the years has led us to expand our business potential and cater to a wider market.

We have a wide collection of fitted wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, home offices, and living space furniture. Our collections have been aesthetically displayed in a way that stimulates your ideas on how to decorate your internal space. With the knowledge and expertise of our interior sales designers, we can guarantee you will receive the guidance you need to transform your space affordably.

We have a fully automated factory developed using modern technology. Investing in our smart factory has allowed us to efficiently run the production process of our orders and our timescale has been significantly reduced. Manufacturing is an important aspect of the process; over the years, we have trialed and tested suppliers for every component to ensure we collaborate with the best in the country. Most of our team members come from backgrounds in interior design, manufacturing, and engineering. We refresh and catch up on current trends, new product launches, international fares, and studio exhibitions.

Our entire process, starting from inquiring to fitting your dream wardrobe at your place, is extremely seamless and easy. All you have to do is send us an inquiry and we'll do the rest.