In the course of installing your new fitted furniture, Metro Wardrobes is not liable to perform any service relating to decoration, flooring, disposal of waste materials and old furniture, packaging of unwanted appliances, installation of appliances, gas fittings, plumbing and any other electrical component.

As a customer of Metro Wardrobes, you are expected to

  • allow reasonable access to your premises
  • give final stamp of approval to proposed layout
  • inform the surveying staff of any hidden wiring or piping
  • safeguard all fragile/valuable items from damage during furniture installation

Metro Wardrobes’ delivery times quoted to a customer are dependent on the commitments of its suppliers and therefore, are subject to change. While there will be every effort on Metro’s part to abide by the quoted delivery times, there is no guarantee toward the same.

The exact time of delivery is also not specified but if the customer contacts Metro the day before the quoted delivery time, an approximate AM or PM figure might be shared.

Any last minute changes to the product is liable to delay the delivery.

In case the customer fails to notify Metro Wardrobes about any inability to take delivery on the day of delivery, Metro Wardrobes reserves the right to charge for the subsequent attempt at delivery.

Metro Wardrobes is not responsible for the suitability of the customer’s premises toward the supplied product.

In case of any structural, costing or technical issues cropping up after the technical survey and before manufacturing begins, the same has to be notified to Metro Wardrobes in writing and verbally within seven days of the survey. The agreement can be terminated hence by either party and any deposit paid will be refunded.

Payments toward Metro Wardrobes can be made by cash, wire transfer, and debit or credit card. Metro Wardrobes requires a deposit amounting to 50% of the order value before commencing any work.

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