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How useful and advantageous Hinged Door Fitted Wardrobes are?

How useful and advantageous Hinged Door Fitted Wardrobes are?

Amidst the push towards sliding door wardrobes, it is easy to forget how useful and advantageous hinged door fitted wardrobes still are. Sure they hark back to an earlier era when classic wardrobe styles were the norm. However in today’s times, making your hinged door wardrobe look like a million pounds is possible. Below are six reasons why hinged door fitted wardrobes deserve all your love and some more.

100% visibility

Complete visibility is desirable. It helps when you are driving and it definitely helps when you are staring at your wardrobe wondering what to wear. Vanity aside, full visibility is useful when you can’t remember where you stored that tie or purse and end up rummaging through the wardrobe in their pursuit.

This is one of the areas where a hinged door wardrobe comfortably beats its sliding door counterpart.

110% variety

Increasing popularity apart, sliding door wardrobes still lag hinged door ones in terms of variety. That is because the latter sell considerably more than the former, which means you have a tonne of options for design, materials, fixtures, and colours with hinged door fitted wardrobes.

Easy to maintain

Hinged doors are low maintenance. In case of damage, resulting from age or accident, these hinges can just be replaced. And often you can make do with just tightening them up when they come loose. But if replacement is unavoidable, hinges are relatively cheaper and easily available.

Compare that to high-grade tracks used in sliding door wardrobes that are unlikely to be for sale at your neighbourhood hardware store.

Awkward spaces are no problem

Picture your attic. Now picture getting a wardrobe installed there for your storage needs. No need to tell you how the sharply sloped ceilings and other awkward spaces leave you no option but to go for hinged doors. Sliding door wardrobes are not always feasible for such spaces and if you still insist on them, you are going to miss out on a chunk of storage space in the process.

Moreover, it doesn’t look all that good either. Hinged doors can be shaped as per the contours of your room and thus, bring in more usable storage space. They are also the only alternative if you want a wardrobe below the staircase or other similar spaces in your house.

Amazing customisation options

A hinged door can be customised and accessorised in a number of different ways. For instance, you can have them built in a folding style which allows you to install an L-shaped wardrobe in your room. Sliding doors, on the other hand, can only be built in rectangular shapes.

Further, the inner surface of a hinged door is ideal for installing pockets, racks or even hooks to hold stuff like ties, clips, belts, nightgowns, scarves etc. You can also install a mirror at the same place and swing it open in an instant. None of these things is possible with a sliding door wardrobe.

Easy to clean

The ease of access that hinged doors offer has another notable advantage. Our wardrobes get messy with time. Dust, cobwebs, fibres from various clothing and even hair can build up inside a wardrobe at various spots. Cleaning them is not a straightforward task. Nevertheless, it’s much easier with a hinged door fitted wardrobe than a sliding door one.Importantly, you do not have to worry about tripping because of sliding tracks either.

As you can see, hinged doors are still very much popular with buyers and for good reasons. If you think hinged door fitted wardrobes suit your purpose and space, make sure to check our latest range.

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