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How to use Bespoke Furniture to Maximize your Alcove Space

How to use Bespoke Furniture to Maximize your Alcove Space

Alcoves are often tricky spaces within the home – those awkward recesses that seemingly serve no purpose and are frequently challenging areas in the home. But before you consider them as unnecessary clutter, think again. Alcoves are actually quite practical home features that, with a little imagination, may truly work in your favour.

Forget the idea that an alcove is a problematic space that you'll never be able to fill aesthetically; you have options. Whether your alcoves are in the living room, entryway, or bedroom, you'll make the most of it with bespoke shelving, multifunctional work from home spaces, and house plant hubs.

Here is a collection of alcove design ideas to utilize maximize space for living rooms, bedrooms and other nooks and recesses in your home.


Freestanding wardrobes are often large and take up a lot of room. It makes sense that fitted bespoke wardrobes are the way to go if you have an available alcove to make excellent use of! In addition to drawers for additional storage, fitted wardrobes might include a combination of hanging rails and adjustable shelves.

Even double alcove wardrobes are a possibility. We love a good set of wardrobes, and we can customise the interior to suit you perfectly. You may make sure that these spaces are built to perfectly fit by selecting bespoke joinery.


You may have a small nook in your home as a result of construction work or just because that's how your home is set up; why not make that nook more functional and attractive by adding shelving to it? In a nook or alcove, bookshelves just seem to make sense.

A library is a classic answer to an alcove, whether it's traditional built-in cabinetry or modern floating shelves. You may fill an existing alcove with books and decorations in addition to displaying your favourite books, magazines, family photos, and artwork.


Alcoves frequently function best in cramped spaces, such as a small living room, when they blend in. By painting your alcoves and shelves the same colour as the walls, you prevent the area from feeling disconnected and establish a cohesive flow that draws attention away from the room's size and makes it appear larger. Shelving is both useful and attractive, and it offers a fantastic place to show off a well-chosen collection of personal belongings. By painting the walls behind the shelves in tonal shades and with colours from the same family, starting with the darkest tone at the bottom and going lighter as you go upwards, will give an ombre effect.


The desk and bookshelves in the small nook are a fantastic last-minute addition. For the coming years, working from home will continue to be common, forcing more people to consider unique workspaces. An alcove office is an excellent option for people who don't have extra space or who live in small apartments.

Make your alcoves work harder by using them as a workspace instead. Using shelving to display and store any home office essentials and decor so the space reflects your style and then using the bottom shelf as your desk. Making an L-shaped desk in a corner is another option for fitting a desk into an alcove. This provides you with all the advantages of built-in storage.

Almost anything may look excellent in an alcove, including a collection of your favourite books, a display of dishes, a selection of indoor plants, and more. The secret to a successful alcove is to design a display with variety, texture, and character. Instead of ignoring or concealing these challenging structural recesses, you can turn them to your advantage. We at Metro Wardrobes are here to rescue you from this scenario and give your alcoves a lovely yet organized appearance.

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