A Small Kitchen! That means a smart storage space

metro small fitted kitchen

Bespoke fitted kitchen tips for your small kitchen

Having a small kitchen and being able to use it well means you need to creatively use every inch of space you have.

Metro Wardrobes will give you a small insight on how to get creative with a small kitchen.

Plan your space:  Its best to plan your space and try and use up maximum space your kitchen has to offer. Plan on using open shelves on bare walls or use up that space under your stairs to fit in your pantry.

Let’s Draw it:   Drawers work wonders in a small kitchen and can be fantastic space savers.

Slim is in: The best way to make your kitchen clutter free is to use slim furniture that fits in your space and is multipurpose. Right from open table legs to armless chairs and even slim modular islands. It’s time to get slim and out with the bulk.

Light up:   Your small kitchen needs lighting to suit many moods. Use lights in such a way that it creates a soulful ambience and not forgetting making your time easy while you cook up a delicious meal.

Peek-a-Boo- One of the best ways to make your kitchen look bigger is to make use of glass. It lets you have a look at whatever you need at one glance. Glass door cabinets or even glass kitchen doors visually expands your kitchen space giving you a feeling of freedom and comfort.

Play with Colour:  Right from the colour of your walls to your kitchen appliances and kitchen linen, the right colour combination will make your small kitchen look bigger on space and boost the look and feel of your home.

Get Stylish and Comfy: trying to work in a small kitchen can be daunting and sometimes be claustrophobic; therefore it’s best to plan your kitchen as per your individual comfort and what suits you best. You can style it up the way you want and also make it useful to suit your palette.

Visit us at Metro Wardrobes and we will make sure to help you build your stylish and comfortable kitchen.