Big White Wardrobe With Drawers And Mirror By Metro Wardrobes

There’s something outstanding about using color big white wardrobes with drawers and mirror for your home interior designing. Whether in the form of white walls or white furniture, white color always stands out as fresh, modern, pristine, even elegant. In case you’re not aware, white furniture is the latest trend, it has swept over the interior design industry like a wildfire. We at Metro Wardrobes haven’t been left behind, we’re now bringing you our latest white wardrobes with drawers and mirror. White is bound to make your bedroom space look bigger and more spacious than it indeed is. But is that all there is to these white wardrobes?

Here’s everything you need to know about the big white wardrobe with drawers and mirrors from Metro Wardrobes;

  1. 10 year guarantee; as is the trademark with all our luxurious and bespoke wardrobes, our latest big white wardrobe comes with a warranty of 10 years. Because we have confidence in every single material used to make these majestic closets, we’re always glad to guarantee you that even after 10 years, the wood, finish, mirror, accessories, rails and racks; we guarantee that everything will still look great years to come.
  2. Modern cozy look; white wardrobes with drawers and mirror will make your bedroom appear super cozy. Due to this feature, many home owners are opting for white wardrobes and other furniture in general to create this feel. The combination of white color and mirrors helps amplify the natural light that’s seeping into the room.  In two words, you can sum up the cozy feel created by white wardrobe inside the bedroom; gleaming and vaporous.
  3. Easier to clean; while some interior designing pundits are quick to term white as being too pristine, that dirt and stains stand out like sore thumbs, we at Metro Wardrobes look at things differently. Color white is pure, it’s fresh, and it inspires you to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene. You’re able to spot dirt and clean it right away; you always strive to keep the rest of the room neat and tidy in order to match it up with your bright wardrobes.
  4. White is easier to blend in; like any interior designer will tell you, white is one of the easiest colors to blend in with. Regardless of the color of your walls or duvet and pillows, a big white wardrobe will still fit in with little effort. White fits in with different textures hues around the bedroom.
  5. Elegance and luxury blended; our big white wardrobes are available in sliding doors or the open, hinged ones. The LED lights are trendy and can be customized to any color of your preference. The sliding doors have big reflective mirrors, with the drawers having gold or steel handles.  You can rest assured that the white wardrobe will inject a totally new feel of elegance and luxuriousness inside your bedroom
  6. Highly customizable; seeing that all our furniture pieces are manufactured in our London showroom, we’re able to incorporate all your ideas and suggestions at the design stage. You need more spacious drawers or more racks to meet your storage space needs? You need the white wardrobe customized to fit on a corner in your bedroom? Feel free to visit our London showroom; Unit 29, Hallmark Trading Est, Fourth Way, Wembley. Our professional interior designers and experts will listen to your ideas and have them incorporated. We show you a 3D draft of how the wardrobe will appear; we only proceed when you’re happy with the design.
  7. White never goes out of style; white is described as a standard staple color for most interior designs.  It’s calming, has a crisp feel and will still look great years to come. With a big white wardrobe from Metro Wardrobes, you’re sure that you’ll always get that ‘wow’ feeling each time you look at it. We don’t just design white wardrobes; we design luxurious and stylish white wardrobes that are as durable as they are aesthetically appealing.


Metro Wardrobes fabulous offers and discounts on big white wardrobes with drawers and mirror;

Metro Wardrobes is offering you handsome discounts of up to 70% off when you make your orders between now and Christmas time. Take advantage of this offer to buy your favorite big white wardrobe complete with drawers, racks, metal rails, LED lighting, mirror, and sliding doors. Whether you’re looking for a readymade big white wardrobe or a customized one that’s made to your tastes and preferences, Metro Wardrobes got you covered. We’ll also do the fitting and installation, meaning you won’t incur extra costs getting someone to do that. Kindly give us a call on 02034883477 or drop us an email via;

Come to our showroom in London and get our gorgeous big white wardrobes at affordable prices, professional customer services also guaranteed. We’re open 6 days a week and we’re here to serve you diligently at all times.

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